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A New Way to Diagnose, Tune and Monitor Remoting in Distributed Java Applications

  • December 8, 2009
  • By Developer.com Staff
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While Java remoting technologies have emerged as pervasive solutions for weaving together distributed services, they have also introduced new challenges in monitoring, diagnosing, and tuning complex application ecosystems. As such, enterprises often face performance challenges with their synchronous remote communication technologies.

Employing a patent pending approach to distributed application performance management, a product from dynaTrace called dynaTrace Diagnostics offers an innovative solution. dynaTrace Diagnostics provides accurate, automated diagnosis of distributed business transaction performance in production. The underlying technology, dynaTrace's PurePath Technology, measures actual individual business transactions initiated by end users and software clients as they traverse complex, multi-tier application architectures.

While incurring a production-safe level of overhead, dynaTrace Diagnostics:

  • Auto-instruments all standard remoting protocols and web services stacks out of the box
  • Captures all relevant metrics and accompanying context data required to accurately diagnose remoting performance
  • Provides a single view of performance diagnostic data for all application lifecycle stakeholders

Armed with this insight, development teams gain awareness of the possible traps that they may fall into before those traps appear—an invaluable attribute when building high-performance Java remoting applications.

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