July 2, 2015
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Open Source Data Integration Success Stories
Seven case studies show how open source can help developers meet data integration challenges.

Open Source MDM
Why the time is right for open source Master Data Management (MDM).

Medical Practice Management, Electronic Health Records Lead Open Source Projects for Healthcare
An analysis by Black Duck Software shows significant growth in the number of open source development projects for the health care industry.

How Buggy are Java-Based Open Source Software Projects?
Enerjy, the developers of Enerjy code analysis software, analyzed dozens of Java-based open source software projects. Here's what they found.

Resin Application Server Java EE 6 Web Profile
How Resin 4 will implement the Java EE 6 Web Profile.

Increase the Efficiency of Java Applications with Oracle ActiveCache
Learn how ActiveCache can help you optimize your Oracle WebLogic Server deployment.

Faster PHP Through Java
Benchmark tests show that Quercus, Caucho's Java implementation of PHP, performs faster than PHP on Apache.

Quality as a Deliverable in Eclipse-Based Java Development
Save time and money by improving the quality of your Java code.

Deploying Rich Internet Applications in Mixed Environments: An Introduction to the Java Deployment Toolkit
The Java Deployment Toolkit can help ensure that your Java RIAs can be deployed and launched consistently in different user environments.

Moving from Solaris to Red Hat Enterprise Linux: A Quick Start Guide for Application Developers
Solaris and Red Hat Enterprise Linux differ in several key ways that pertain to application developers.

Java CAPS Release 6
Learn about the features and benefits of Sun's Composite Application Platform Suite (CAPS) Release 6.

Building Multi-Platform Installers with InstallAnywhere
Installation is typically the first experience a user has with your software. A professional installation tool that works on multiple platforms can help to make this experience a positive one.

Dynamic Languages on GlassFish
GlassFish v3 is not just a JavaEE server but a dynamic application server.

Top 10 Skills in Demand in 2010
If your skills are on this list, employers are looking for you.

An Informal Static Analysis of Publicly Available Source Code
Codescan Labs scanned over ten million lines of web software source code, looking for potential security issues. Here's what they found.

Performance Comparison - ITTIA DB and SQLite
ITTIA DB-SQL or SQLite: which one is the best choice for your project?

Open Source Community Practices in the Enterprise: Creating a Culture of Collaboration
As open source software has entered the mainstream, IT executives have seen how rapidly open source communities are able to deliver high-quality, innovative software - and they're taking notes.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Your Solaris Alternative
With Sun's future in question, Red Hat Enterprise Linux is looking more attractive all the time.

PROCERGS Increases Availability and Reduces Response Time of Java Applications
How a large informatics firm reduced application development and maintenance costs by 30%, and reduced downtime by 70%.

Creating High-Performance Database Applications with Java Triggers and the Oracle Database
Tests have shown that using Oracle's internal JVM to perform JDBC operations can increase performance by up to 600%.

Java SE 6 Performance Improvements
Many new features and enhancements in Java Platform, Standard Edition 6 (Java SE 6) are aimed at improving performance and scalability.

Developing Game-Changing Applications with JavaFX Technology
Sun used JavaFX technology to develop two rich client applications for the Vancouver Organizing Committee for Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC) - and to deliver them on a tight schedule.

The Best of Both Worlds: How to Effectively Leverage Social Media Relationships with Real-Time Collaboration Tools
Learn how to use real-time tools to connect you to your market immediately and directly.

Building a Database-Driven Web Site Using PHP and MySQL
Ready to make the leap into server-side programming? Start here.

Elevating the Android Experience
Google's Android may be on its way to becoming the dominant platform for consumer electronics. Certain "experience gaps," however, need to be addressed.

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