May 29, 2015
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The Longhorn Speech API, an Initial Glance
The Longhorn speech API offers baked-in functionality for voice commands inside the operating system.

Developer.com Product of the Year 2003 Results
The votes have been counted. See what you chose as the Product of the Year 2003.

Voice Over IP Breaking Out
Once overly hyped, Voice over IP (VoIP) became as maligned as the dot-com phenomenon. But there is evidence that VoIP is seeing a resurgence of interest.

A Comparison of Voice Technologies (VoIP, VoFR, and VoATM)
Among the three packet-switching technologies, comparison and evaluation of the best is a difficult job because each one of them is suitable in different environments and needs of a network.

Microsoft Beta to Make 'em Talk
The software giant keeps chugging with its speech technology initiatives, releasing the first public beta of Microsoft Speech Server, a refresh of the Speech Application SDK beta, and a new Speech Partner Program.

More than a Grain of SALT: Industry Leaders Assess How Specification Is Laying Foundation for Speech Technologies
Learn more about where the speech movement stands today, where SALT fits into the picture, and what to look for down the road.

Speak and Listen to the Web using SALT
Using Voice Web Studio and SALT (Speech Application Language Tags), developers can support speech access to Web content through a variety of devices, including telephones, internet kiosks, desktop and tablet PCs, and PDAs.

W3C Unleashes VoiceXML 2.0
The standards consortium unveils the latest iteration of a specification intended to bring Web-based development to interactive voice response applications.

Is VoiceXML the Right Tool for Your Voice Application?
Gain an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of VoiceXML in order to help you determine if VoiceXML is the right tool for your project.

Developer.com Welcomes Coverage of Voice Technologies
Developer.com continues to expand coverage to the key topics facing developers. With this latest expansion, Developer.com adds coverage of voice. With this change, Developer.com welcomes the readers of VoiceXMLPlanet.com!

Introduction to SALT (Part 5): Developing SALT Applications, Step by Step
In this article, we will continue our exploration of SALT by actually walking step-by-step through the process of developing a telephony/multimodal application using SALT and the Microsoft .NET Speech SDK.

VoiceXML and Related Resources
Looking for a voice related resource? Start with this list.

VoiceXML Developer Tools Roundup
Hitesh Seth gives a side by side comparison of various VoiceXML tools.

Review: Oracle 9iAS Mobile Studio (Part II)
Hitesh Seth continues our review of Oracle 9iAS Mobile Studio from Oracle Corporation, focusing on Menus, Forms and Customizations.

Introduction to SALT (Part 4): Microsoft .NET Speech SDK
In this article, we will look at the new Microsoft .NET Speech SDK which allows for the rapid development of SALT-based multimodal/telephony applications.

VoiceXML Conformance Report
In this article, we will test six VoiceXML browsers for VoiceXML 2.0 conformance to determine how compatible today's VoiceXML platforms are with each other.

Review: Oracle 9iAS Mobile Studio (Part I)
This week in our Product Review section, we take a look at Oracle 9iAS Mobile Studio, a hosted multi-channel XML framework from Oracle Corporation that enables developers to build applications which target a wide range of devices and formats, including VoiceXML, WML, XHTML, cHTML and more.

Review: Telera DeVXchange (Part II)
This week we will focus on some of the advanced features of the Studio, including the grammar verifier, outbound calling and a number of VoiceXML extensions that Telera has made around call-control. We'll also take a brief look at AppCenter, the DeVXchange application development tool for developing dynamic VoiceXML applications. 

Introduction to CCXML, Part V
In this final chapter of our introduction to CCXML (the Call Control eXtensible Markup Language) series, we will develop a simple multi-party conferencing system using Perl.

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