July 6, 2015
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Building Smart Apps that Understand Language, Speech, Images, and Face Recognition

Explore the offerings of the Microsoft Oxford service, which provides REST APIs and SDK developers can use to write applications that can understand content.

Designing an Interactive Voice Response System Using VoiceXML and CCXML
Design an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system to access your business service using VoiceXML and CCXML (Call Control Markup Language).

Nominations for Developer.com Product of the Year Begin October 15
Help Developer.com choose the best of the best for the upcoming year.

Speech Authentication Strategies, Risk Mitigation, and Business Metrics
Compare the economic and technical differences among voice authenticated applications and those using traditional or other biometric methods of authentication.

Implementing Extension Methods in VB.NET
Extension Methods permit programmers to add behavior to a class without creating a wrapper. Here, you will learn how to implement Extension Methods in Visual Basic and .NET.

Capital Budgeting: Rational Outsourcing Decision in VoIP Projects
Learn how to use the decision-tree analysis (with real options) to facilitate the buy or make decision of a proposed Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) project.

VB and Voice Recognition: The Voice Controls
By Richard Newcombe - Cover the Properties, Methods, and Events of the voice controls.

VB and Voice Recognition: Microsoft Diction Control
By Richard Newcombe- Delve in a little deeper into Voice recognition and add Voice diction to your Voice text editor.

Technology of the Year 2006
Technology is the fun stuff, especially when it is relatively new. See what our readers think is the hot technology going into 2006.

Developer.com Product of the Year 2006 Winners Are Named
Developer.com announces the winners for the Developer.com Product of the Year 2006.

VB and Voice Recognition
By Richard Newcombe - Adding voice commands to your application is not as difficult as many may think.

VoIP Security Takes Center Stage
VoIP security challenges and issues: Are they overhyped, or are they real?

Microsoft's Secret VoIP Strategy
Recent moves from Redmond indicate a new push into VoIP.

Why TCP/IP Is not Sufficient for VoIP
With traditional telephone systems, once a 'path through the network' has been established to make a connection, it remains stable and predictable for the duration of the call. Not so for the Internet. So, what makes an 'unreliable' TCP/IP network able to carry voice traffic?

Who Sets the Standards for VoIP?
Successful technology relies on standardsbut the world contains dozens of standards organizations. Which ones most influence the development of packet-based telephony? What backgrounds and influences do they bring to their work?

Understanding Telephony Concepts for Interactive Voice Responses
Wanting to use interactive voice responses with your users? Start by learning about telephony concepts and about the telephony functionality within Microsoft's Speech Server and Speech Application SDK.

Building Speech-Enabling IVR application Using Microsoft Speech Server 2004: Grammar and Prompts
In the first of a two-part series on building interactive voice responsive (IVR) systems using both MSS and SASDK (Microsoft Speech Application Software Development Kit) you will focus on grammar and prompts design when building a speech application.

Nominations for Developer.com Product of the Year Have Begun!
Here is your chance to help us determine which products should be called Developer.com Product of the Year 2005 in their respective category.

Natural vs. Direct Dialog and How VoiceXML Enables Both
Survey natural vs. direct dialogue and how VoiceXML enables both by allowing input grammars to be specified at the form level, not just at the field level.

WiMAX: Broadband Wireless Access
Discover what WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is and what it can do for you.

Exploring the Distributed Web-Based Application Model and Advanced Features of VoiceXML
Discover how VoiceXML takes advantage of the distributed web-based application model as well as advanced features including: local validation and processing, audio playback and recording, support for context-specific and tapered help, and support for reusable sub dialogs.

Comparing IP Voice Solutions
Find out which solution best fits your design and implementation plans.

Building VoiceXML Dialogs
Discover how to build conversational applications with menus and form elements using VoiceXML.

Comparing Microsoft Speech Server 2004 and IBM WebSphere Voice Server V4.2
Currently, there are several speech-enabling enterprise products with either VoiceXML or SALT open industry standards in the marketplace. The Microsoft Speech Server (MSS) 2004 and IBM WebSphere Voice Server V2.4 are leading providers in this field. Decide which is best for you.

Implementing CTI Using the Microsoft Speech Server on CRM/Contact Center Environment
Learn how the MS Speech application works and how to implement CTI of Intel CPS, Genesys, and Cisco ICM using Microsoft Speech Server on a CRM/contact center application environment.

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