October 22, 2016
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Apache Subversion: Best Practices for Branching & Merging
Branching and merging in Subversion doesn't have to be difficult! These branching and merging best practices will have you harnessing the full potential of these features, without worrying about messy merge conflicts.
Tags : open source, version control, Apache, best practices
Creating Your First GitHub Project
Even if you’re a complete beginner who doesn't have a GitHub account, you can learn how to create a GitHub repository, and make your very first commit.
Tags : open source, git, version control, Cloud, github, Software Repository
Beginner's Guide to TortoiseSVN, the Windows Subversion Client
TortoiseSVN allows Windows users to access all of Subversion's version control functionality without having to master the command line.
Tags : source code, version control, Windows, Subversion
Subversion 1.7 Released with Some Git-esque Merging
Popular open source version control system gets a major release aimed at meeting enterprise needs.
Tags : git, version control, Subversion
10 Git Version Control Utilities to Make You More Effective
Want to manage your code repositories more effectively? These 10 utilities for the Git version control system will do the trick.
Tags : git, version control
10 Ways Git Version Control Can Streamline Your Writing Projects
The Git version control system offers a fantastic set of features for completing writing projects in a fast, efficient and organized way.
Tags : git, version control
7 Project-saving Source Control Tips for the Eclipse IDE
Applying these seven simple source control tips will save your Eclipse-based project team hours of debugging and improve your code quality.
Tags : version control, Eclipse
Video: Implement Git Version Control in 11 Minutes
See how to use the Git version control system to manage your project's source code with ease and agility.
Tags : open source, git, version control, video
Subversion vs. Git: Choosing the Right Open Source Version Control System
Subversion and Git are the most popular open source version control systems, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Which one is right for you?
Tags : source code, git, version control, Subversion
10 Git Tips and Tricks for Beginners
Making the switch from the CVS or Subversion version control system to Git? These 10 pointers will make for a smooth transition.
Tags : source code, git, version control
Meet Git, the Version Control System for Developers Who Like Ease
Meet Git, an open-source version control system that reduces rather than adds to the overhead of managing a software project.
Tags : open source, git, version control, Linux, Windows
Codesion Emerges from CVS
Everyone knows that CVS is a legacy tech for code repositories, right?
Tags : git, version control, CVS, SVN, Codesion

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