October 27, 2016
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How to Run Native Code in Your Azure Service
Windows Azure, by default, runs code in low trust. In this article, we explore how to enable running an Azure service with full trust.
Tags : Microsoft, Windows Azure, tutorial, Native Code, Azure Services
Going Beyond Cloud Basics: Understanding Advanced Web Roles
Knowing the knobs and hooks available for web and worker roles in Azure can be very helpful to administer complex configuration settings. This article walks us through an understanding of these advanced roles and how we can use them in our Windows Azure based cloud services.
Tags : cloud services, tutorial, cloud basics, advanced web roles
Creating a Complete Web Page With HTML5
In this article we shall make a web page using the features of HTML5 and CSS. It is assumed that reader is more or less conversant with CSS in general and HTML tags in particular. You do not have to be a professional but you should at least have an idea of what goes where.
Tags : HTML5, Web development, CSS, Web page, tutorial, creating a complete web page with HTML5
How to Keep Tab of your Windows Azure Hosted Services
Not only does Windows Azure provide a reliable platform to host and execute services, it even provides a set of Service management APIs to help create application which can be used to monitor these services. In this article, we will walk through the creation of a simple monitoring application which will list our Azure services running in the cloud.
Tags : Windows Azure, tutorial, Azure Hosted Services, osted Services
Exploring the Windows Azure Toolkit for Android
Microsoft is working hard to improve adoption of its cloud computing platform. To tap into non-Windows markets, it has released toolkits for both iOS and Android. In this article, we explore the offerings of the Windows Azure Toolkit for Android.
Tags : Android, Windows Azure, tutorial, Windows Azure Toolkit
Unit Testing - Why Should You Care?
Long a staple of the Agile community, unit testing is becoming more and more popular. While there is a lot of content on how to unit, the question of why unit test isn't always addressed. There are very real, tangible benefits from unit testing - it's more than just "writing more code".
Tags : Unit Testing, tutorial, agile, Agile unit testing
Using CSS3 to Jazz up your Web Forms
A Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is one of the most popular ways to apply a consistent look and feel to your website. CSS3 adds some useful features making it even more appealing for web designers and developers. In this article you will learn some new features introduced in CSS3 viz. table layout, non-standard fonts, transforms, transitions, corners and shadows.
Tags : HTML5, tutorial, CSS3, web forms, table layout
Understanding Windows Azure CDN Service
Windows Azure provides ability to cache blobs in its Content Delivery Network service. In this article, we explore Windows Azure Content Delivery Network Service and see how we can use it in our applications.
Tags : Microsoft, Windows Azure, tutorial, CDN service, content delivery service
Using Windows Azure Storage Service to Upload Files
Windows Azure provides secure, scalable and easy to access services for durable storage in the cloud. In this article, we explore how we can programmatically store a file in Windows Azure storage.
Tags : Cloud Storage, Windows Azure, tutorial, Windows Azure Storage Service, upload files
Architectural Considerations for SQL Azure
When designing applications for SQL Azure, it is important to consider the architectural impact to achieve the best performance. In this article, we discuss some of the architectural considerations for an SQL Azure application.
Tags : tutorial, SQL Azure, Architectural Considerations, SQL Azure performance
Unit Testing: What is it, exactly?
Even though Unit Testing is becoming much more popular with developers, I still hear from people asking what Unit Testing means. In this article, we start at the top and cover the fundamental building blocks of Unit Testing.
Tags : Unit Testing, development, tutorial, fundamentals
Validation using jQuery in ASP.NET Applications
jQuery is the concise JavaScript library that makes your client-side code interactive with less pieces of code stitched together. In this tutorial we're going to show you how to use validation with jQuery in ASP.NET applications.
Tags : ASP.NET, jQuery, validation, tutorial
DataBinding in Silverlight
Silverlight is the application framework that allows us to create apps that provide rich interaction in a web environment. One of the most important concepts in this technology that one must clearly understand is Databinding. This article will explain the composition, creation and inner workings of databinding in Silverlight.
Tags : Microsoft, Silverlight, tutorial, databinding in Silverlight, databinding
Connecting Azure Services Using Windows Azure Connect
Windows Azure Connect allows Azure developers to enable IP-level network connectivity between Azure services and external resources. This article discusses how you can go around using Windows Azure Connect to create a virtual network of all our computing assets.
Tags : Microsoft, tutorial, Azure Services, Windows Azure Connect
Using Microsoft SQL Azure Reporting to Present Your Data
Microsoft SQL Azure Reporting is a cloud-based reporting platform which can work with SQL Azure. This article walks you through how use SQL Azure Reporting to present your cloud-hosted data.
Tags : tutorial, SQL Azure, Microsoft SQL Azure Reporting, data reporting
How to Migrate your Database to the Cloud Using SQL Azure
Developers targeting to use Microsoft's Azure computing platform will have questions around how to migrate their on-premise data to SQL Azure. This article walks through the steps to move data from existing on-premise installations to SQL Azure.
Tags : database, Microsoft, tutorial, SQL Azure, migrating to SQL Azure
Learn about Code Contracts in .NET Framework 4.0
In this article we will show you how to utilize Code Contracts in the .NET framework 4.0 using the Design By Contract principle. These contracts play an important role for developers who are creating reusable libraries.
Tags : Microsoft, developers, tutorial, Code Contracts, .NET framework 4.0
Code Coverage for .NET applications: An Insight
In this article I will provide you with some insights about running code coverage on .net framework applications. I will be creating the code coverage report by running code coverage on a sample piece of code using Visual Studio 2010 tools
Tags : applications, .NET Framework, tutorial, code coverage
Building a Cloud Application with Data Access Using SQL Azure
Developers desiring to build cloud applications based on Azure technologies will benefit from understanding how they can leverage SQL Azure for their database needs. In this article, we will show you how to build a cloud application--with data access--using SQL Azure.
Tags : cloud computing, Microsoft, tutorial, SQL Azure, cloud applications
Using the ViewBox Control in Silverlight
The Viewbox control was introduced in Silverlight initially as a part of the Silverlight toolkit and now has been included with Silverlight 4.0. Read this article to learn about the Silverlight ViewBox control and how to use it in a Silverlight application.
Tags : Visual Studio 2010, Silverlight, tutorial, ViewBox Control
Implementing AutoComplete Text Functionality in Silverlight
AutoComplete text functionality has become a popular part of application development. Read this article to learn about implementation of AutoComplete functionality in Silverlight using an AutoCompleteBox control.
Tags : Silverlight, tutorial, AutoComplete, AutoCompleteBox
Working with Protobuf Services in .NET
Take advantage of Google's Protobuf-net to create services that are high performance. Protocol buffers from Google is a binary serialization format that is used for data communication. Protocol Buffer is a very efficient hypermedia type that can be used with RESTful services. Protobuf-net is a .NET implementation of Protocol Buffers that you can use to serialize your .NET objects seamlessly. This article takes a look at Protobuf Objects and how they can be used in .NET.
Tags : .NET, tutorial, Protocol Buffers, Protobuf, Protobuf Objects
How to Use MEF in Silverlight
In this article I will explain about the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) and demonstrate the its use in Silverlight. I will also provide the source code of a sample Silverlight application implementing the MEF concept.
Tags : Microsoft, Silverlight, tutorial, MEF, Managed Extensibility Framework
Implementing Windows Notification functionality using Silverlight 4.0
Microsoft Silverlight now supports Windows Notification. Read through this article to learn about implementing Silverlight 4.0 Windows notification functionality in an Out-Of-Browser application.
Tags : tutorial, Microsoft Silverlight, Windows Notification, Silverlight 4.0
Implementing Data Validation in Silverlight
Data validation is always an important task while developing an application of any sort. In this article I will explain the concept of data validation in Silverlight 4.0 applications.
Tags : Silverlight, tutorial, data validation, concept of data validatio
Calling a WCF service in Silverlight
Recently Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) has generated a lot of interest in the .net world. This tutorial will show you how to create and consume a WCF service in a Silverlight application.
Tags : tutorial, Microsoft Silverlight, WCF, calling a WCF service
Creating User Controls in Silverlight
Usercontrols are very useful in terms of creating project level re-usable controls. Read this tutorial to learn about creating and using a usercontrol in a Silverlight application.
Tags : Silverlight, tutorial, user controls, Silverlight usercontrol
How To Configure Settings for a Windows Azure Application
Developers targeting applications for the Azure platform should be aware of the various configuration settings which can be made for a cloud-based application. This article walks the reader through the various settings one can utilize in a Windows Azure application.
Tags : tutorial, app development, Microsoft Windows Azure, Windows Azure Applications, Azure Configuration
Implementing an Out-Of-Browser Application in Silverlight
It is commonly assumed that Silverlight applications are strictly meant to run on the browser, which is not true. In this tutorial I will show you how to implement an Out-Of-Browser application in Silverlight.
Tags : Silverlight, tutorial, Microsoft Silverlight, out-of-browser apps, Out-Of-Browser
How to Create a Media Player in Silverlight
Silverlight provides a wide range of multimedia support which includes video files, audio files and photos. In this article we will learn how to handle and implement multimedia in a Silverlight application.
Tags : Microsoft, Silverlight, tutorial, multimedia, Silverlight Media Player
Salesforce Integration with .NET Custom Web Services
There are a number of ways to integrate Salesforce with .Net. The focus of this article will be concentrated on calling custom web services written in Apex, from a Microsoft .Net environment, through authenticated and unauthenticated methods.
Tags : .NET, Web services, Salesforce, tutorial, Salesforce integration
How to Debug Microsoft Windows Azure Applications
It is imperative that cloud developers using Windows Azure familiarize themselves with the practice of debugging applications which are not hosted in-premise. Learn about the debugging methodologies that can be used for cloud application debugging. 
Tags : Windows Azure, tutorial, Azure Debugging, Windows Azure Application Development
Microsoft Windows Azure Development Primer: Getting the Tools Ready
Azure, the cloud computing platform from Microsoft, is garnering a lot of developer interest. To start developing Microsoft Windows Azure applications, you need to have a toolset ready. This article describes how to get the development tools you'll need to get started.
Tags : cloud computing, Windows Azure, tutorial, Microsoft Windows Azure Tools
Salesforce Integration with .Net Web Services SOAP API
Salesforce is the top rated sales application in the world today. This article will focus on the most common way to connect .Net applications to Salesforce for data retrieval and execution of application logic.  This method is known as the Web Services SOAP API. 
Tags : Microsoft, Salesforce, tutorial, SOAP API, .Net Web Services
Deploying your Azure application to the Cloud
Visual Studio Development tools for the Microsoft Windows Azure platform provide an emulator to test our cloud application. Deploying the application to the cloud takes a few more steps. In this article, we learn how to deploy our Azure application to the Cloud.
Tags : cloud computing, Visual Studio, Microsoft Azure, tutorial
Using the HttpSession object of the Servlet API
The Java Servlet API represents an elegant and powerful way to shift processes from client to server, and offers a number of advantages over CGI. These advantages have certainly been enumerated so that most developers are aware of the servlet advantage. However, some of the details of the servlet architecture may at first seem daunting. Here's a short introduction on one aspect of writing servlets: the HttpSession object.
Tags : Java, tutorial, HttpSession object, Servlet API
An Introduction to Java Servlets
In this article I will describe the overall servlet architecture and what you need to develop your application with servlets. I will use several code examples to show you how to use the Servlet API, and compare it with CGI and proprietary server APIs where appropriate.
Tags : Java, tutorial, introduction, Java Servlets
Improved Performance with a Connection Pool
If you have heard anything about Servlets you know that one of the advantages over CGI is that a Servlet can keep information between requests and share common resources. This article describes one common use of this feature, namely a database connection pool.
Tags : tutorial, Servlets, Java Servlets, connection pool

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