October 22, 2016
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Top 10 Tips for Testing Mobile Apps
Here are 10 practical tips for mobile development teams trying to build a stand-out mobile app.
Tags : testing, support, mobile app, platform, end users, functionality, mobile platforms, Apple's App Store, Google's Play Store
Quality Assurance Failures and Solutions
Buggy software and other oversights can cause major problems, such as a significant and unexpected company expense.  Here is a collection of high profile quality assurance issues from the past 25 years along with solutions that resolved them.
Tags : testing, quality assurance, Quality assurance testing, QA
Supercharge Your Slow Android Emulator
UPDATED: The Android emulator has traditionally been a necessary but frustratingly slow tool for Android developers. Learn how you can boost your Android emulator speed to real device performance levels -- or even faster.
Tags : testing, Android, emulation
6 Practical Agile Techniques You Can Start Using Today
Ulf Eriksson explains a number of practical Agile techniques that can easily be applied to any development, and practical tips, which you can start using in your day to day work right away.
Tags : testing, requirements, documentation, agile development
No Excuses! 7 Phrases to Avoid When Web Application Performance Falls Short
There is no room for excuses when Web application performance issues arise. How you handle implementing Web strategies will differentiate your company and drive revenue.
Tags : testing, web application, performance
The Surprising Truth about Exploratory Testing
In the modern age of Agile development, with software being updated and released faster than ever, exploratory testing is nothing short of essential. But what does the term actually mean?
Tags : testing, agile, agile development
Cartoon of the Week: Starting a Career in Game Development
Starting a career in video game development can sound great...
Tags : testing, game development
Android App Performance Testing: An End-to-end Approach
With end-to-end performance testing, Android developers gain a true understanding of how their apps will behave.
Tags : testing, Android App development
iOS Developers Find Ways Around Apple's Testing Limits
Some devs are opening multiple accounts or working with testing firms.
Tags : testing, Apple, IOS, app development
Mike Lee Tells Developers to Assume Customers Are Lazy, Stupid, Impatient And Selfish
The well-known application developer offers tips on marketing, testing and platform selection.
Tags : testing, application development, end users
Testing JavaScript Code with Jasmine
Need an automated solution for running your JavaScript tests? Meet Jasmine.
Tags : JavaScript, testing, BDD
Red Hat to Release Arquillian App Testing Tool
Red Hat's Arquillian technology for enterprise Java developers will likely be included in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.
Tags : testing, Java EE, JBoss
W3af Open Source App Vulnerability Testing Hits 1.0
Application vulnerability testing toolkit finally stabilizes with new PHP static analysis tools.
Tags : testing, vulnerabilities, security
Spring WS 2.0: New Integration Test Support
Spring WS 2.0 introduces a new integration testing module, spring-ws-test, which makes writing integration tests for both client- and server-side code very easy.
Tags : testing, Spring
Video: Testing Your Web Forms with Zend_Test and PHPUnit
Learn two easy ways to begin testing your Zend Framework forms using PHPUnit and the Zend_Test component.
Tags : PHP, Zend, testing
Facebook Gives Open Source Project $50,000
The project is called Supercell and it will provide testing free of charge to other open source projects.
Tags : Facebook, testing
Top 10 PHP Productivity Tools for Testing and Debugging
Check out these 10 wide-ranging testing and debugging utilities that can make any PHP developer more productive.
Tags : PHP, testing, debugging
Building a Test Platform in the Cloud with Open Source Technologies
A cloud-based test platform dramatically shortens test setup times and delivers automated scaling. Find out how to build one with Eucalyptus, Tomcat, JMeter and MySQL.
Tags : open source, cloud computing, testing
Write More Understandable Java Tests with Matcher Objects and FEST-Assert
Have your Java unit test assertions gotten hard to read? Use the matcher objects provided by the Hamcrest and fluent FEST-Assert libraries.
Tags : Java, testing
Selenium: Automated Integration Testing for Java Web Apps
With Selenium, Java developers can develop integration tests, export those tests as JUnit tests, and automate test execution.
Tags : Java, testing, Selenium, web application, testing tool
Release Roundup, Jan. '10: New Year, New Gear for Java/Open Source Developers
From usual suspects like Apache, Google and Sun and some lesser-known players, January 2010 brought a steady stream of code releases for Java and open source developers' toolboxes.
Tags : testing, Ajax, Java SE, middleware, RIA
Selenium Gets Some Sauce for Open Source Testing
Popular open source app testing project gets funding and commercial products, too.
Tags : open source, browsers, testing, Selenium
Testing Views and Integration in Ruby on Rails
Learn how to test views in a Rails application, as well as how to test how well the different parts of the application are integrated.
Tags : Ruby on Rails, Ruby, testing, integration, Test Driven Development

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