April 17, 2014
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How to Prep Your Android Apps for Kindle Fire
Face it, a lot of Kindles have been sold. While most developers have had few problems transitioning apps to run on the Kindle Fire HD tablets, Amazon has identified a few development tips you can use to deliver a great experience on the HD tablets.
Tags : Amazon, Mobile tools, tablet, Kindle Fire HD
Celeste SE
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Tags : tablet, phone, categories_education
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Tags : tablet, phone, categories_productivity
Survey Hints That Android Tablets Could Become More Popular Than iPads
IT pros say their next tablet will run Android, not iOS.
Tags : mobile development, Android, iPad, tablet, survey
What Was New for Developers at the Google I/O Keynote
Google unveiled the next version of Android, updates to Google Play, a new tablet and Nexus Q for TV.
Tags : Google, Android, developers, tablet, I/O, Jelly Bean, Nexus 7, Nexus Q
$150 TouchPads for Developers
Will it be enough to keep devs from abandoning webOS?
Tags : tablet
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