October 21, 2016
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Re-engineering Legacy Software: Deciding the Project Scope
The most important thing to do before embarking on a major software project is to make your goals clear.
Tags : software, legacy, engineering, scope of project, legacy applications
Overview of Design Patterns for Beginners
Bipin Joshi explores design patterns, what they are, their benefits and classification.
Tags : C#, software, design patterns, OBJECT ORIENTED DESIGN
4 Ways to Speed the Process of Releasing Software
Say hello to happier customers and goodbye to release surprises by following these four tips.
Tags : software, release management, release
So You Say You're Lean? Then Why do You Have Waste?
Lean software development is helping to improve efficiencies and profits. Start identifying waste by learning and applying the Seven Deadly Wastes of Software Development to your specific project and find out how Lean software development principles can improve production and lead to higher customer satisfaction.
Tags : developer, software, development, software development, agile
A Review of 3 Bug Capture Tools: Bonfire, qTrace, Snagit
There are several tools on the market that will capture detailed bug descriptions for QA departments and software developers. Kaushal Amin compares three of the best to see how they measure up.
Tags : developer, software, tools, bug fix
The Day the QA Died
Where is QA now? What will happen to QA departments? In the new, Agile development world where working software is key, QA is becoming too expensive and slowing down the time-to-market.
Tags : developer, Unit Testing, software, Agile programming, Agile unit testing
The Best Places for Developers to Work Now
Insurance software vendor Guidewire tops this list.
Tags : software, developers, IT career
Software Developers Are Getting Younger
A survey reveals that the median age of coders in North American has fallen significantly in the last few years.
Tags : software, developers, Evans Data, survey results
HP: Software Security Vulnerabilities Declined 20% in 2011
However, the number of high-risk vulnerabilities climbed.
Tags : software, security vulnerabilities, HP
Mobile Development Beginning to Influence Desktop Applications
The app store model could mean big changes for the way desktop software is packaged and delivered.
Tags : mobile development, software, desktop
Real Developers Demand Application Quality Measures
The key to using quality data effectively is in understanding why developers need such data and how it can empower them.
Tags : performance management, performance, software, management
Hardware's Dirty Little Secret, or Why Software Can be Mass Produced
OP-ED: Unlike the Illuminati, the IEEE exists, and they have a secret. This secret helps them turn out shiny MP3 players, phones, and computers with processing power than we programmers can figure out how to use. This is how they do it. When will developers learn the same truths?
Tags : developer, programming, software, IEEE
Don't Forget About Software Licensing
Is your company developing software for sale or distribution? If yes, your company needs a sales policy and a flexible, commercially feasible licensing model.
Tags : software, development, DRM, Demo, software licenses

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