October 24, 2016
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Password Hashing Using JAAS
Learn how to write a utility for storing the user credentials into a database with a hashed password.
Tags : Java, MySQL, database, security, Java EE, password, JPA, password generator, JAAS
Implement OAuth-based Social Network Logins in Grails
Grails Spring Security is a great plugin that allows you to set up authorization for your app with just a few lines in Grails configuration. Users can register to your website, click on a confirmation link received by e-mail and login with the username and password.
Tags : Java, social network, OAuth, security
Hackers Increasingly Targeting Java Vulnerabilities
Researchers call on Oracle to step up Java security.
Tags : Java, Oracle, security, hackers, vulnerabilities
Creating a Custom ACL in PHP
Utilizing an access control list in your PHP application can greatly increase security. Here's how it's done.
Tags : PHP, security
Is Client-Side Java on Its Way Out?
Security concerns have some browsers blocking Java.
Tags : Java, browsers, security, server, client, web application development
The 'Unknown' Programming Language in Duqu Is C
Security experts say that 'old school' programmers helped create the malware.
Tags : security, malware, programming languages, Duqu
Duqu Trojan Includes Unknown Programming Language
  Researchers are asking developers for help in unraveling the mystery.
Tags : security, programming language, Duqu
Security Experts Find 359 Defects in Android Kernel
Despite the number of bugs, this security audit of Android is good news for Google and potentially for open source software.
Tags : security, Android, vulnerabilities
Google Hacking Evolves for Defense
New tools announced at Black Hat will enable Google and Bing search queries for security vulnerability detection.
Tags : security, Google, Bing
Make Your Java Web Applications Impervious to Cross-site Scripting
Use client-side validation and server-side filtering to guard your Java web application against cross-site scripting attacks.
Tags : Java, web applications, security, filter, Cross-Site Scripting
Mitigate the Security Risks of PHP System Command Execution
Learn how the security-conscious ways to integrate your PHP-driven web sites with the underlying operating system.
Tags : PHP, security, validation, operating system, input
PHP 5.3.1 Released, Security Beefed Up
By focusing on stability and security, the PHP team has introduced more than 100 bug fixes and tweaks to the overall framework in version 5.3.1.
Tags : PHP, PHP 5, security, denial of service, Namespaces
10 Best Practices for Secure Software Development
The (ISC)2 (International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc.) presents 10 best practices for building secure software, with an emphasis on the human element.
Tags : security, security best practices, Security Software
News Brief: PHP 5.2.12 Update Stamps Out Bugs, Patches Holes
Older version of PHP gets fixed for five security flaws and 61 other bugs.
Tags : PHP 5, security, developers
Simple Custom Group Assignments in SharePoint
Discover how to assign users the right to add other users to existing SharePoint groups on their site—without also giving other rights too.
Tags : security, Microsoft, SharePoint Server, SharePoint
Simple Parallel Development with the Asynchronous Agents Library
By adopting a messaging based approach to task parallelism, the Asynchronous Agents Library provides a simple model for concurrent programming that avoids the complexity of memory locks.
Tags : developer, Windows, security, Microsoft, programming

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