October 23, 2016
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How to Apply Common Algorithms to Java Collections
Focus on some of the Collection Framework's common algorithmic application to collection elements in Java.
Tags : Java, search, algorithms, sort, collection framework, Java Collections, core API, shuffle
Relevant Search: Debugging Query Matching
Do you ever encounter cases where a piece of text you assumed would match your search didn't? Elastisearch can fix that.
Tags : search, Analysis, search algorithms, Elasticsearch, query matching
Understanding Search Extensibility for Windows Phone 8
Vipul Patel walks you through the basics of extending the search experience in Windows Phone.
Tags : search, application, Windows Phone 8
Implement Data Indexing and Search with Lucene and Solr
Indexing and searching data stored across multiple file formats? Try the powerful combination of the Lucene search library and the Solr search application.
Tags : search, indexing
10 Ways to Find the Web Elements You're Looking For with jQuery
With jQuery's powerful selector syntax, you can find any conceivable element in a Web page.
Tags : Web development, JavaScript, jQuery, search
Build a PHP Link Scraper with cURL
Use cURL and PHP to build a robot that scrapes links from web pages and dumps them in a database. Just use it responsibly.
Tags : PHP, MySQL, search, how to, cURL
Program and Employ Windows Services for Microsoft SharePoint 2007
See how combining SharePoint 2007's API and an Object Model allows for greater program functionality.
Tags : Windows, search, services, Microsoft, server

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