October 21, 2016
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Getting Started with MongoDB as a Java NoSQL Solution
Explore the Java NoSQL relation from the perspective of MongoDB and acquire some ground up information in a concise manner before going hands on in Java.
Tags : Java, NoSQL, MongoDB, Acid, relational database, Schema, NoSQL technology, CAP theorem
From Data Models to Relational Design
Database design needn't be daunting. Here are some easy-to-follow steps to create a basic database.
Tags : database, SQL, database design, class, relational database, data modeling, attributes, ER, Tables, use case, ORM
Implementing Generalization and Specialization in Java
Become proficient with specialization and generalization, which is the subclass and superclass hierarchy mechanism in a relational database.
Tags : Java, database, specialization, relational database, object-oriented programming, generalization, ORM, superclass
MongoDB NoSQL Solution: Advantages and Disadvantages
MongoDB helps develop applications faster because it uses tables; stored procedures are no longer required.
Tags : open source, NoSQL, MongoDB, stored procedure, relational database, BSON, failover mechanism
How to Store Data on the Cloud Using SQL Server
Learn how to use Microsoft Windows Azure SQL Database to deploy hassle-free relational database solutions on the cloud while realizing the benefits of a distributed data center that provides high availability, scalability and security.
Tags : Cloud, Azure, SQL Server, relational database, Azure Cloud
NoSQL for the MSSQL Soul
The buzz around NoSQL solutions has reached stratospheric heights. This buzz has led many Microsoft SQL Server development shops to start looking at how and where a NoSQL solution can fit into their business.
Tags : NoSQL, relational database, big data, MS SQL

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