October 26, 2016
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Is Computer Programming the New Literacy?
Techies consider whether it's better to know how to code for yourself or to hire people to do that for you.
Tags : programming, coding, programming languages
Feds Predict 'Much Faster than Average' Growth for Software Development Jobs
The BLS forecasts 22 percent growth for all computer-related occupations.
Tags : programming, software developer, jobs, salaries, software development
The Best Programming Specialties for Finding a Job
Some jobs are less likely to go overseas than others.
Tags : programming, development, IT hiring
Five Ways to Reduce the Size of Classes
These class size reduction techniques can add clarity to your code.
Tags : programming
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Tags : programming, programmers, Developer Network
The Dirty Dozen of Application Development Mistakes
Programmers make mistakes, but too often the bugs are the result of not avoiding common pitfalls.
Tags : programming, best practices
Simple Parallel Development with the Asynchronous Agents Library
By adopting a messaging based approach to task parallelism, the Asynchronous Agents Library provides a simple model for concurrent programming that avoids the complexity of memory locks.
Tags : developer, Windows, security, Microsoft, programming
Hardware's Dirty Little Secret, or Why Software Can be Mass Produced
OP-ED: Unlike the Illuminati, the IEEE exists, and they have a secret. This secret helps them turn out shiny MP3 players, phones, and computers with processing power than we programmers can figure out how to use. This is how they do it. When will developers learn the same truths?
Tags : developer, programming, software, IEEE
Developing SOAP and RPC Web Services with PHP 5
Explore various toolkits that are available and examine the best ways to create web services in your PHP applications.
Tags : PHP, PHP 5, Web services, programming, SOAP
Displaying and Customizing Images from a Database
Discover how to render an image directly from a database using an IHttpHandler and how to modify the image on its way to the client using GDI+.
Tags : programming, C#, image
Iteration or Recursion?
Did you ever get stuck having to choose between a recursive or iterative implementation? Get the answers to whether one is better than the other or whether it really matter?
Tags : Java, programming, patterns
Is There Anybody Out There? Which Ports on Your Computers Are Listening?
Determine which ports on a computer have an application listening.
Tags : programming, C#, system programming
Manipulate XML File Data Using C#
Learn how to display, add, edit, and delete data from a single XML file by using C# console applications. With a little effort, you can implement these techniques in Windows-based applications.
Tags : .NET, XML, programming, C#

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