October 26, 2016
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Java and Scala Becoming More Alike
Scala's creator says similarity between the languages is good for Scala.
Tags : Scala, development, JVM, Java 8, programming languages
Codecademy Adds Online Python Lessons
The startup hopes to offer more server-side language lessons in the future.
Tags : Python, programming languages, Codecademy, server-side programming
Is Computer Programming the New Literacy?
Techies consider whether it's better to know how to code for yourself or to hire people to do that for you.
Tags : programming, coding, programming languages
C Still the Most Popular Programming Language
Not much changed in the top ten on Tiobe's list.
Tags : C, programming languages, PROGRAMMING IN C
The Next Generation of Native Languages
D, Go, Rust and Vala offer a more modern take on true compiled languages.
Tags : Rust, Go, programming languages, D, Vala
Julia Wants to be C for Scientists
The new programming language is designed for number crunching in cloud computing environments.
Tags : C, cloud computing, programming languages, Julia
Java Still Top Programming Language in Terms of Book Sales
Java book sales have climbed 13 percent this year.
Tags : Java, programming languages
C Takes Over the Top Spot on the Tiobe Programming Language Chart
After approximately 10 years as number one, Java falls to second place.
Tags : Java, C, programming languages
Microsoft Wants More Programming Languages for Windows 8
The company hopes to convince more language developers to support WinRT.
Tags : Microsoft, Windows 8, programming languages, WinRT
Go Is a Go
Google has released version 1 of its new programming language.
Tags : Google, Go, programming languages
The 'Unknown' Programming Language in Duqu Is C
Security experts say that 'old school' programmers helped create the malware.
Tags : security, malware, programming languages, Duqu
Google Programming Languages Lose Popularity
Neither Go nor Dart are in the top 50.
Tags : Java, JavaScript, Google, Go, programming languages, Dart
Objective C Wins TIOBE's Programming Language of the Year Award
Java remains at the top of the programming language index, but loses popularity.
Tags : Java, Objective-C, programming languages
The Best Coding Tools of 2011
These four software development tools earned Jolt Awards.
Tags : development, programming languages
Tiobe: C# Could Soon Be More Popular than C++
Java maintains top spot on programming languages list.
Tags : programming languages, programming trends

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