October 24, 2016
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Microsoft’s F# Gains Momentum
Microsoft’s F# is one of the most popular functional programming languages, and it continues to gain new features.
Tags : open source, F#, Microsoft, programming language
MIT Unveils Halide Programming Language for Working with Images
The language speeds up common image processing tasks.
Tags : programming language, images, MIT
Objective-C Now More Popular Than C++
The trend shows the growing importance of mobile development.
Tags : Java, C, C++, programming language, Objective-C, Tiobe index
7 Myths of COBOL Debunked
Analysts, programmers and reporters alike say that COBOL is old fashioned - lacks structure, compatibility and brevity. However, by debunking seven COBOL myths, it becomes apparent that COBOL will not become obsolete anytime soon.
Tags : mainframe, programming language, COBOL
Can You Copyright a Programming Language?
Google says no; Oracle says yes.
Tags : Java, Oracle, Google, Android, programming language
Duqu Trojan Includes Unknown Programming Language
  Researchers are asking developers for help in unraveling the mystery.
Tags : security, programming language, Duqu
Mozilla Creating New Programming Language Called Rust
Originally a side project of Graydon Hoare, Rust is a new programming language by Mozilla.
Tags : Mozilla, programming language, Rust

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