October 21, 2016
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Android Performance: Creating a Responsive Android App
In this article, readers will learn about how to create responsive Android applications.
Tags : Android, performance, threads, class, responsive design, Android applications, handler, looper
Using Second Level Caching in a JPA Application
Learn how to improve the performance of an application that uses the Java Persistence API, by modifying the second level cache mode settings.
Tags : Java, performance, application, JPA
No Excuses! 7 Phrases to Avoid When Web Application Performance Falls Short
There is no room for excuses when Web application performance issues arise. How you handle implementing Web strategies will differentiate your company and drive revenue.
Tags : testing, web application, performance
10 Ways to Improve SQL Query Performance
Learn how to improve your SQL query performance with these ten tips, including re-writing of queries and the creation and use of indexes.
Tags : database, SQL, performance, best practices, query
Top 10 Methods to Improve ETL Performance Using SSIS
Anoop Kumar shows you how easily ETL performance can be controlled at any point of time by sharing 10 common ways to improve ETL performance.
Tags : performance, SQL Server Integration Services, ETL, SSIS
How to Interpret Query Execution Plan Operators
Anoop Kumar discusses some common operators that are useful to interpret a graphical execution plan and troubleshoot any performance issue due to a badly written query.
Tags : SQL, performance, troubleshoot, query
How to Identify Performance Bottlenecks on Azure SQL Database
Learn how to identify a performance bottleneck on Windows Azure SQL Database using Microsoft System Center.
Tags : Cloud, performance, Azure, SQL Server, bottleneck, Microsoft System Center
10 Android App Performance Tips for Developers
It's up to all Android developers to create high performing applications. Here are 10 ways developers can improve the performance of their Android apps.
Tags : performance, Android App development
Real Developers Demand Application Quality Measures
The key to using quality data effectively is in understanding why developers need such data and how it can empower them.
Tags : performance management, performance, software, management
Performance Improvement: Bigger and Better
What do you do when a system or application performance problem just can't seem to be fixed?
Tags : Windows, server, CPU, performance management, performance

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