October 26, 2016
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10 Strengths That Make Developers and Engineers Great CEOs
Follow these ideas and become the next killer CEO.
Tags : open source, developer, engineers, experimenters, CEO
What Is Jenkins?
Leap into Jenkins, an open source project written in Java and dedicated to sustaining continuous integration practices.
Tags : Payara Server, IDE, Spring, open source, Java, plug-ins, port 8080, Windows Services, github, Jenkins, continuous integration
MongoDB NoSQL Solution: Advantages and Disadvantages
MongoDB helps develop applications faster because it uses tables; stored procedures are no longer required.
Tags : NoSQL, relational database, stored procedure, open source, BSON, MongoDB, failover mechanism
Leveraging Design Patterns for Productivity
Learn about Design Patterns, time-tested classic templates of solution architecture that ensure maintainability of code and enhance productivity.
Tags : open source, Java, OBJECT ORIENTED DESIGN, design patterns
Making Pull Requests in GitHub
Want to start contributing to the various open source projects on GitHub? Learn how to fork, clone, commit, push, and make pull requests.
Tags : open source, github, Cloud, git
Guide to Lambda Expression in Eclipse Luna
Manoj Debnath shows you how to get started with Lambdas with code snippets using Eclipse Luna as the IDE.
Tags : open source, lambda expressions, Java 8, Eclipse
How to Create Database Reports Through JasperReport
JasperReport is ideal to publish reports from the application that uses data from the back-end database, but how do we program them? Manoj Debnath shows you how with three sample applications that demonstrate a few of the ways a report can be generated using the JasperReport library.
Tags : open source, report, database, reporting
Apache Subversion: Best Practices for Branching & Merging
Branching and merging in Subversion doesn't have to be difficult! These branching and merging best practices will have you harnessing the full potential of these features, without worrying about messy merge conflicts.
Tags : open source, Apache, best practices, version control
Creating Your First GitHub Project
Even if you’re a complete beginner who doesn't have a GitHub account, you can learn how to create a GitHub repository, and make your very first commit.
Tags : version control, git, github, Cloud, Software Repository, open source
Top 10 Reasons to Still be Using Java
Is Java past its prime? Are there reasons to still be using it? What do you think?
Tags : open source, Java, Top 10
How to Start Contributing to Open Source
Want to give back to the open source community, but unsure where to start? Learn how to make your first contribution to the world of open source.
Tags : open source, software development, github
Top 7 Open-Source JSON-Binding Providers Available Today
Learn how to convert Java objects to JSON format, save it to a file, and then convert it back to an object.
Tags : JavaScript, open source, JSON, JavaScript Object Notation
Introduction to Bootstrap: A Tool for Building Responsive, Mobile-First Projects
Bootstrap is a handy, popular and open source framework for developing responsive websites targeting multiple devices without writing CSS yourself. Read on to learn how you can start using it in your web applications.
Tags : Web page, HTML, CSS, Web development, open source, bootstrap, web applications, WEb page development
Microsoft’s F# Gains Momentum
Microsoft’s F# is one of the most popular functional programming languages, and it continues to gain new features.
Tags : F#, programming language, open source, Microsoft
Programming with AngularJS - A Glance
AngularJS, more of a client framework than a simple library, is an open source project created and maintained by Google. Read on to learn how AngularJS will change the way you develop ASP.Net Web APIs.
Tags : Web API, open source, AngularJS, ASP.NET
Changing Your Android App's Theme Dynamically
Find out how to build a customizable Android app, where the user can change the app's theme dynamically at runtime.
Tags : open source, UI, app development, themes, smartphone, Android, Google
Top 10 Things to Know about TypeScript
TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that provides typed nature to your code. TypeScript can be used for cross-browser development and is an open source project. Bipin Joshi shares a quick overview of the top 10 features of this new scripting language.
Tags : JavaScript, cross browser, TypeScript, open source
NetBeans 7.2 Adds Static Analysis, Improves Performance
The Java IDE supports the latest versions of C++, PHP, Maven and Groovy.
Tags : NetBeans, IDE, Oracle, open source, Java
Google Releases Collide Web-Based IDE
The move could mean the Brightly project is at an end.
Tags : Web, Collide, Google, open source, IDE
Eclipse Survey Shows Strong Momentum for Git, Java, Mobile Development
The poll of open source developers finds little interest in cloud development.
Tags : Java, open source, git, cloud computing, mobile development, Eclipse, survey, Subversion, cloud development
Dell Launches Experimental Developer Laptop
Project Sputnik runs Ubuntu and includes developer-friendly utilities.
Tags : open source, developer, laptop, Dell, Ubuntu
Yahoo Open Sources Mojito Mobile Development Framework
The company says, "We want the Web to win."
Tags : Web, Yahoo, open source, mobile development, Mojito framework
Git Support Comes to Microsoft's CodePlex
Developers had been demanding support for the popular version control system.
Tags : Microsoft, open source, git, CodePlex
The Top Ten New Open Source Projects of 2011
Black Duck Software has published their annual "Open Source Rookie of the Year List," and it features several development tools.
Tags : open source, development tools
Can Open Source Survive in a Post-PC World?
The battle for the PC ended like most tech battles, the technology became obsolete. So now that we're entering the age of the handheld, can open source cut it?
Tags : tablet PCs, open source
FFmpeg Forked
It's called libav. It's a fork of FFmpeg.
Tags : open source
Why Nokia Failed with Open Source
After years of development, Nokia walks away from open source to the welcoming arms of Microsoft for Windows Phone 7.
Tags : open source, Nokia
Survey Says Companies Embracing Open Source for Competitive Advantage
Companies said that gaining a competitive advantage is "significant reason" for choosing open source software over proprietary.
Tags : open source
Developer Accuses Adam Tablet Maker of Violating Open Source License
The Apache 2 license requires credit be given for copyrighted, patented, trademarked and attributed work.
Tags : licensing, open source
Oracle Positioning Java for the Enterprise at the Expense of Open Source Community
Forrester Research reports predicts that in the next decade the open source community will have walked away from Java while mission-critical large enterprises will stick with it.
Tags : Java, open source, Oracle
Black Duck Software Names Diaspora 2010 Open Source Rookie of the Year
Black Duck Software says that Diaspora social network was the clear number one open source rookie of the year for 2010.
Tags : open source, social network
Congress API Chief Among New York Times Open Source
The New York Times' open source offerings and APIs don't get a lot of press, but there are some interesting tools available to developers, such as the Congress API.
Tags : New York Times, open source
Why Some Countries Are Adopting Open Source More Than Others
Countries that adopt open source software are those with high levels of technical training, a general population that has access to the information society and governmental policies that encourage the use of open source software.
Tags : open source
Google Launches Open Source YouTube Channel
Google's open source YouTube channel is a place to find videos related to open source software projects.
Tags : YouTube, Google, open source
Goldman Sachs Stolen Code Contained Open Source Software
During testimony, one witness said that the code allegedly stolen by Sergey Aleynikov from Goldman Sachs contained a lot of open source software.
Tags : Goldman Sachs, open source
Oracle's $1.3 Billion Court Victory Against SAP Also a Win for Open Source
Oracle's $1.3 billion court win against SAP proves that with open source software, customers are in the driver's seat.
Tags : open source, Oracle, SAP
First Look at Diaspora, Open Source Social Network
It's too early to tell if open source social networking project Diaspora will be a Facebook killer, but Ars Technica's Ryan Paul reviews the alpha code.
Tags : open source, social network
Open Source OpenVizsla USB Sniffer Exceeds Venture Funding Goals
The OpenVizsla project has raised nearly $40,000 to build an open source USB sniffer.
Tags : USB, open source
AMD Releases Open Source Driver for Fusion Chip
AMD next-generation Fusion APU chip is a low-power, dual-core processor.
Tags : AMD, open source, drivers
Kaltura Releases Community Edition Version 3.0 of Video Platform
The Kaltura Video Platform Community Edition has the same features as the commercial edition, as well as a cloud deployment option.
Tags : cloud app, open source, video
Blender Wins 2010 Open Source Graphics Software Award
The Blender Foundation said they will use the prize money to set up a dedicated wiki server and upgrade the project's back-end software and bug tracking.
Tags : graphics, open source
Open Source Application Silverstripe Approved by Microsoft
Silverstripe is the first open source Web application to be Microsoft certified.
Tags : Microsoft, open source
Matt Asay Says Microsoft Open Source Threats Will Fail
Matt Asay warns Microsoft against continuing the company's current strategy of threatening lawsuits to crush open source software.
Tags : open source, Microsoft, Google, Android
Open Source for America Award Goes to the White House
Open Source for America (OSA) promotes the use of open source in the U.S. federal government. This week the group announced the winners of its inaugural open source awards program.
Tags : Drupal, Open Source for America, open source
Open Source Communication Server, Asterisk 1.8.0 Available Now
Asterisk 1.8, the next major release for this open source communication server, turns a computer into a communication server that can handle IP PBX, VoIP, conference calls, etc.
Tags : Asterisk, open source, Communications Server
Building a Test Platform in the Cloud with Open Source Technologies
A cloud-based test platform dramatically shortens test setup times and delivers automated scaling. Find out how to build one with Eucalyptus, Tomcat, JMeter and MySQL.
Tags : testing, open source, cloud computing
Fog Aims to Advance Ruby in the Cloud
Open source Fog project gets commercial backing and advances effort for multi-cloud interoperability for Ruby and Ruby on Rails.
Tags : open source, Ruby on Rails, Fog, Ruby, Engine Yard
IBM Joins Oracle in OpenJDK Effort
IBM joins Oracle in the OpenJDK open source Java project, mitigating potential fragmentation and giving new credibility to Oracle's Java leadership.
Tags : JDK, open source, Java
Apache Shindig Gets Social
Open source Apache project revs up OpenSocial support for Web developers, but Facebook isn't at the party.
Tags : open source, social network
60 Great Open Source Products for the Developer's Toolbox
Even if you think you know all the great open source developer tools out there, you're bound to make a discovery or two on this list.
Tags : open source
Video: Implement Git Version Control in 11 Minutes
See how to use the Git version control system to manage your project's source code with ease and agility.
Tags : open source, video, version control, git
Inside Facebook's Open Source Infrastructure
How does Facebook deliver social networking to 500 million people? It takes a whole lot of storage and some open source goodness.
Tags : open source, Facebook
Does Python 2.7's Release Mean the End of the Line for Python 2.x?
The final Python 2.x release is now available, but does that mean developers need to jump to Python 3.x now?
Tags : open source, Python
Tomcat 7 Debuts for Java
Java app server gets its first major refresh in years, but it's not quite stable -- yet.
Tags : Java, Apache, open source, Tomcat
7 Popular Open Source Projects for .NET Developers
Get an introduction to seven open source solutions embraced by millions of .NET developers around the globe.
Tags : open source, ASP.NET, .NET
Eclipse Community Survey Shows Open Source Dev Trends
Linux gaining tractions as a development platform, but it still lags behind Windows.
Tags : surveys, Eclipse, open source
Top 10 MySQL GUI Tools -- Plus One for the Command Line
Here are ten outstanding graphical interfaces for MySQL management, development and administration, as well as one great MySQL toolkit with a wealth of command-line tools.
Tags : open source, Top 10, database, MySQL
Eclipse Labs Debuts for Open Source Projects
New effort expands Eclipse development beyond just big projects to an open system on Google Code.
Tags : Google Code, Eclipse, open source
Implementing OAuth Authorization on Social Networks
Walk through all the necessary steps for implementing the OAuth token-based authorization system--a perfect security solution for the social networking age--on both the consumer and provider sides.
Tags : authentication, open source, OAuth, social networks
Five Indispensable MySQL Tools
Use these powerful tools to increase your MySQL development productivity.
Tags : database administrator, MySQL, SQL, open source, database
Meet Git, the Version Control System for Developers Who Like Ease
Meet Git, an open-source version control system that reduces rather than adds to the overhead of managing a software project.
Tags : Windows, open source, git, version control, Linux
PHP Developers Prefer Using Windows to Build Enterprise Apps: Study
New data confirms that PHP developers have differing tastes when it comes to their operating system of choice for development and for deployment.
Tags : Mac OS X, open source, Zend, PHP 5, Windows
The Firefox Web Developer Toolbar Maximizes Your Productivity
Web developers, the powerful Firefox Web Developer Toolbar add-in can send your productivity soaring.
Tags : web developers, CSS, Firefox, open source, browser extensions
The Java 7 Features Bound to Make Developers More Productive
The developer productivity features in the upcoming Java SE 7 release (object comparison, file system monitoring, and concurrency) are enough to make a Java veteran envy the Java newbies.
Tags : Java, Java SE, open source, Concurrency, file systems
Create a Unit Conversion Application with the Zend_Measure Component
Learn how to create a simple conversion calculator using the Zend Framework's Zend_Measure component. Converting between the world's measurement units will never be easier.
Tags : conversion, open source, PHP, framework, Zend
Mnesia: A Distributed DBMS Rooted in Concurrency
Find out what makes Mnesia, the Erlang-based database management system, perfect for distribution across a network of computers.
Tags : Erlang, open source, database, Mnesia, Concurrency
Using Axis2 and Java for Asynchronous Web Service Invocation on the Client Side
Apache Axis2, the open source Java web services framework, has very good support for client-side asynchronous service invocation. Find out how to make it work for you.
Tags : open source, Java, Axis, Axis2, Web services
Facebook's HipHop Goes Public With a New PHP Runtime
Over 90 percent of Facebook servers are now using HipHop as the project opens to the community, promising better performance and scalability.
Tags : PHP, Zend, Facebook, open source
Gardening with Drupal and Dries
Founder of popular open source CMS opens up about new efforts to make Drupal easier to install as version 7 approaches.
Tags : Dries Buytaert, Drupal Gardens, open source, CMS, Drupal
The New Spring 3.0 Features You Need to Know
Go inside the notable new features in Spring 3.0, including Spring Expression Language, object/XML mapping, and RESTful web services support.
Tags : REST, Object/XML Mapping, Spring, Java EE, open source
Mozilla Firefox Gets More 'Agile' with Lorentz
A new Firefox release model is now set to take hold, which will see the popular browser's developers embrace more of an Agile-like methodology.
Tags : Firefox, open source, Mozilla
Compose a MVC Paradigm for PHP with Symfony
Learn how the Symfony framework can enable you to simulate the MVC paradigm for PHP.
Tags : Symfony, PHP, open source, MVC
Selenium Gets Some Sauce for Open Source Testing
Popular open source app testing project gets funding and commercial products, too.
Tags : Selenium, testing, browsers, open source
News Brief: Facebook Sponsors Apache Software Foundation
Facebook is built on open source Apache technology, and now it's making support of the ASF official.
Tags : open source, Facebook, ASF, Hadoop, Apache
SpringSource DM Java Server Heads to Eclipse
It's a major code donation for Virgo as dm Server hits version 2.0.
Tags : Eclipse, Java, Java EE, open source, OSGi
An Android Developer's Top 10 Gripes
A veteran mobile application developer vents his frustration with a list of 10 things he loves to hate about Android.
Tags : Android, fragmentation, open source, Google, mobile developer
PHP Module Programming with OXID eShop CE
Learn the fundamental principles of PHP module development with a working example of using a custom module to tweak the OXID eShop e-commerce product.
Tags : modules, shopping carts, ecommerce, open source, PHP
Create a CAPTCHA Script with PHP
Create your own simple CAPTCHA with PHP to protect your site from spammers and bots.
Tags : spam, Web site, CAPTCHA, PHP, open source
Parsing XML with Hpricot, a Gem of a Ruby Gem
Take heart XML-weary Ruby developers, Ruby's powerful Hpricot library can parse and manipulate XML with amazing flexibility and ease.
Tags : XML Parser, open source, XML, Ruby
Implement Automatic Discovery in Your Java Code with Annotations
Learn how to use Java annotations to discover code automatically at runtime with a ServiceLoader. This useful technique will make your life easier.
Tags : Device, Google, Android, fragmentation, open source
Open Source Licensing Detection Gets More Competitive
As open source adoption grows, so too does the competitive market for helping developers identify licenses and improve software adoption lifecycle.
Tags : license, open source, Linux, CentOS

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