October 26, 2016
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Demystifying Design Pattern in Java
The knowledge of design pattern is crucial for designing any software, especially when dealing with object oriented design. Recognizing patterns while designing helps us to map our previous experience to the present condition.
Tags : Java, object oriented programming, design patterns, programmer
Implementing AOP in Spring
Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) used to be a bit complex due to the exposure of the low level constructs to the Spring developer. But that's changed; both Spring and AOP have evolved. Manoj Debnath offers a canonical explanation of AOP and on how to implement it in Spring.
Tags : Functional programming, Spring, object oriented programming, OOP, Aspect Oriented Programming
Video: An Exploration of PHP's Object-Oriented Features
This video introduction to PHP's object-oriented features explores creating class hierarchies through inheritance, class abstraction, and managing arrays of objects.
Tags : PHP, object oriented programming
Video: Getting Started with Object-Oriented PHP
This screencast introduces you to PHP's object-oriented syntax, showing you how to create and populate a class and how to work with object data.
Tags : PHP, object oriented programming

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