October 1, 2016
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10 Android UI Design Tips to Improve Your App's Visual Appeal
Here are 10 Android UI design tips -- plus a bonus one -- for improving the user experience of your Android apps.
Tags : Android, mobile development
The Value of QA for Mobile
Mobile app developers and internal development teams alike need to completely rethink Quality Assurance (QA) to improve mobile app development.
Tags : application, quality assurance, mobile development, QA, quality assurance strategies
Sponsored: Intel Android Tools Video Series: What Are Fat Binaries?
Explore what is inside an NDK application package on Android.
Tags : Android, mobile development
Windows 8 and the Android Developer
Developers building mobile applications have to know what platforms are important today, but also need to ask the question of what platforms will be hot tomorrow. Android is hot today. Is Windows Phone 8 important enough for the Android developer to consider?
Tags : Android, mobile development, Windows Phone 8, Microsoft
Feds Shut Down Android App Pirates
For the first time ever, the FBI has seized three domains because of alleged mobile app copyright infringement.
Tags : piracy, apps, Android, mobile development, FBI, Justice Department
Microsoft Launches Revamped Windows Phone Dev Center
The program now supports four times as many countries and allows payment via PayPal.
Tags : mobile development, Windows Phone, Microsoft
Survey Hints That Android Tablets Could Become More Popular Than iPads
IT pros say their next tablet will run Android, not iOS.
Tags : mobile development, iPad, survey, tablet, Android
Nina Promises Voice Authentication for iOS Apps

Tags : IOS, authentication, mobile development, voice, apps
"Middle Class" App Developers Are Earning More
Apps that aren't on top 100 charts are accounting for a higher percentage of revenue.
Tags : revenue, mobile development, Android, app development, IOS
New Google Play Policy Hopes to Eliminate Copycat Apps
The new Android developer policy also includes provisions regarding email, billing and in-app ads.
Tags : mobile development, policies, Android, Google Play
App Store Includes 400,000 'Zombie' Apps, Says Report
Most iOS apps don't get any downloads and are nearly impossible to find.
Tags : app store, Apple, IOS, mobile development
Developer Releases of Android and iOS Attract Equal Attention
An analyst firm believes Android developer interest could eventually surpass iOS interest.
Tags : IOS, Android, mobile development, downloads, developers
The Freemium Trend Has Increased Revenue, But Not Downloads
Free apps now make three times as much as they did in 2010.
Tags : in-app billing, Apple, IOS, mobile development, freemium
The 10 Most Popular Words in iOS App Titles
"Free" is pretty common, but it's not the most popular.
Tags : Apple, apps, app store, IOS, mobile development
The Secrets to Making Money on the Amazon Appstore
More expensive in-app purchases are more popular than cheaper ones.
Tags : Amazon Appstore, Android, mobile development, in-app billing
App Store Tops 650,000 Apps
Developers have earned $5.5 billion from the store.
Tags : IOS, Apple, Google Play, mobile development, iPad, apps, app store
Mobile Development Tool Vendor Xamarin Raises $12 Million
The company's tools allow you to build mobile apps in C#.
Tags : cross-platform, venture capital, C#, Xamarin, software development, mobile development
Survey: iOS Has the Lead in Mobile Enterprise Application Development
Developers are "cautiously optimistic" about Windows 8.
Tags : IDC, cloud computing, Appcelerator, enterprise development, IOS, mobile development, survey, Windows 8, apps, Android
Apple Patches Bug That Allowed In-App Purchase Hack
The company promises to fix the problem permanently in iOS 6.
Tags : IOS 6, Apple, apps, in-app billing, mobile development
iOS Apps Command Higher Ad Rates Than Android Apps
Apple's platform continues to be very lucrative for developers.
Tags : mobile development, IOS, Android, apps, Google, Apple
Survey Highlights Growing Importance of Enterprise Mobile Development
Report says enterprises are adopting a "mobile first" approach.
Tags : mobile development, survey, Enterprise
New List Ranks iOS Apps by Ratings, Not Downloads
Appsfire says Instagram and WhatsApp Messenger are the best iOS apps.
Tags : mobile development, apps, IOS, downloads
Demand Remains High for Freelance Mobile Developers
HTML5 and interface design jobs are also climbing.
Tags : careers, mobile development, software development, HTML 5, freelance, interface, jobs
RIM Denies that Developers Are Leaving
A RIM exec says BlackBerry continues to add more developers and more apps.
Tags : developers, mobile development, PlayBook, apps, RIM, BlackBerry 10
Survey: 31% of BlackBerry Devs Shifting Work to Other Platforms
Interest in developing for BlackBerry is at an all-time low.
Tags : developers, BlackBerry OS, RIM, mobile development
New Tools Ease Facebook Integration for iOS Apps
Facebook has launched a developer center and updated its iOS SDK.
Tags : app development, Facebook, apps, mobile development, IOS
See What You Missed at I/O
Google has posted online videos from its developer event.
Tags : videos, Google, I/O, Android, mobile development
Five Tips for Getting Apple to Feature Your App
An insider offers advice for getting attention from Apple.
Tags : Apple, IOS, mobile development, app store, apps
Which International App Markets Are Hot Right Now?
You might want to consider building apps for Brazil, Mexico, Russia and Turkey.
Tags : international, mobile development, apps
Microsoft Reveals Features of Windows Phone 8
The new mobile OS will be a lot like the Windows 8 desktop OS.
Tags : Windows Phone 8, Microsoft, Windows 8, mobile operating system, mobile development
Multi-Platform Mobile Developers Prefer iOS
Survey finds that developers believe they will make more with Apple's platform than with Android.
Tags : Android, apps, IOS, mobile development, survey
Eclipse Survey Shows Strong Momentum for Git, Java, Mobile Development
The poll of open source developers finds little interest in cloud development.
Tags : Subversion, Eclipse, git, open source, mobile development, survey, cloud development, cloud computing, Java
Facebook Opens App Center with 600 Apps
Users will see different apps depending on which apps their friends use.
Tags : App Center, Facebook, mobile development, apps, app store
Developers Still Building Twice as Many iOS Apps as Android Apps
Concerns about fragmentation and low money-making potential keep many developers away from Android.
Tags : IOS, Apple, apps, mobile development, fragmentation, Google, Android
Urban Airship: Push Notifications Double User Retention
The company also offers best practices for app developers using push notifications.
Tags : push notifications, mobile development, apps, Urban Airship
Report: Top Apps Publish on Multiple Platforms
About a third of iOS apps are also available for Android.
Tags : Android, app development, IOS, mobile development
Parse Adds JavaScript Support
The backend-as-a-service expands with new capabilities for developers creating mobile Web apps.
Tags : cloud computing, JavaScript, mobile development, Web apps
Testing Reveals Mobile Devices Aren't Ready for HTML5
Smartphones and tablets will run HTML5 apps, but those apps run s-l-o-w-l-y.
Tags : smartphones, apps, HTML 5, mobile development, tablets
One App, 3,997 Different Devices
OpenSignalMaps demonstrates how Android fragmentation impacts developers.
Tags : fragmentation, mobile development, Android development
Windows Phone Developer Event Slated for June
Microsoft sent "save the date" notices to selected developers.
Tags : developer, Microsoft, mobile development, Windows Phone
Survey: More Than Half of iOS Devs Not Breaking Even
Most developers surveyed say their app work can't support a standalone business.
Tags : mobile development, IOS, app development
Report: Mobile Development Moving to the Web
A new survey shows fewer developers are building native apps as Web frameworks grow in popularity.
Tags : mobile development, native, Web
Why Don't Android Apps Look As Good as iOS Apps?
Fragmentation and poor documentation are part of the problem for Android.
Tags : mobile development, IOS, Android, apps
App Downloads Dropped 30% in March
Developers are spending about the same amount of money to acquire new users.
Tags : downloads, apps, mobile development
California Plans to Publish Mobile Privacy Guidelines
The state doesn't have the power to enforce regulations, but it wants to suggest best practices.
Tags : mobile development, privacy, best practices
Microsoft Still Paying Developers to Make Apps
The company has paid over $100,000 to have apps created for the Windows Phone platform.
Tags : Windows Phone, Microsoft, mobile development, apps
Amazon Tests In-App Purchases for Appstore
The company will charge a 30 percent commission on in-app sales.
Tags : Amazon Appstore, in-app billing, mobile development
Yahoo Open Sources Mojito Mobile Development Framework
The company says, "We want the Web to win."
Tags : Yahoo, Web, mobile development, open source, Mojito framework
Adobe Plans to Charge Royalties on High-Earning Flash Apps
Developers who make more than $50K will owe the company a 9 percent fee.
Tags : Adobe, apps, Flash, mobile development
RIM to Give Devs New BlackBerry Devices
BlackBerry World attendees will get alpha hardware.
Tags : RIM, BlackBerry OS, mobile development
Microsoft Compares iOS and Windows 8 Development
A new case study highlights the similarities and differences between the two mobile development platforms.
Tags : mobile development, iPad, Microsoft, Windows 8 Metro, IOS
Developers Rush to Optimize Apps for Retina Display
Few apps take full advantage of the new iPad's sexy display, but developers are working on it.
Tags : iPad, mobile development
AppMobi Launches Version 1.0 of jqMobi HTML5 Framework
The new release promises numerous improvements over January's beta.
Tags : mobile development, appMobi, framework, HTML 5
Sencha Touch 2 Brings iOS Development to Windows PCs
The updated framework also offers better Android performance.
Tags : Windows, IOS, Sencha Touch 2, mobile development
Android Also Gives Devs Access to User Photos
Any Android app with permission to access the Internet can secretly copy users' photos.
Tags : mobile development, Android
Are iOS Developers Copying Users' Photos?
A loophole in Apple's procedures means app developers may have access to users' private photos.  
Tags : mobile development, privacy, IOS
Facebook Gets Behind HTML5 Development Standards
The social network is also promoting mobile payment efforts.
Tags : standards, HTML 5, Facebook, mobile development
People Use iPhone Apps in the Day; iPad Apps at Night
Daytime use sessions are shorter, while nighttime use sessions are longer.
Tags : iPad, apps, mobile development, iPhone
Sencha Goes After Flex Developers with New Program
The mobile development vendor wants to convince Flex developers to create HTML5 apps.
Tags : Sencha, mobile development, Flex
Are iOS Developers Invading Users' Privacy?
iPhone owners might be surprised to know how many app developers have copied their address books.
Tags : privacy, IOS, mobile development
iOS Apps Crash More Often Android Apps, Study Says
A new study flies in the face of the conventional wisdom about the stability of mobile development platforms.
Tags : IOS, apps, Android, mobile development
WebGL Proponents Hope to Attract More Mobile Developers
The open source standard holds out the promise of portable, Web-based, 3D mobile apps.
Tags : mobile development
Report: Android to Become Mobile Development Platform of Choice
Most devs will write apps for more than one mobile OS.
Tags : mobile development, Android
An HTLM5 Wish List
Better mobile browsing debugging tops the list.
Tags : mobile development, HTML5
AppMobi Releases Open Source Mobile JQuery Framework
Unlike its competitors, jQ.Mobi is HTML5-ready.
Tags : jQuery, HTML 5, mobile development
Android Developers Get a Style Guide
Google launches a new website aimed at improving the design of Android apps.
Tags : mobile development, Android
Mobile Development Beginning to Influence Desktop Applications
The app store model could mean big changes for the way desktop software is packaged and delivered.
Tags : desktop, software, mobile development
A Look Back at Mobile Development in 2011
In many ways, the past year was a big turning point for the smartphone market.
Tags : mobile development
New ARM Tool Promises Faster-than-Java Android Performance
Development Studio 5 Community Edition, an ARM development environment for debugging and optimizing C/C++ code, is available for free.
Tags : ARM, mobile development
iOS Remains Most Popular Mobile Development Platform
Windows Phone and the Kindle Fire have made big gains in developer interest.
Tags : mobile development
A Professional Programmer's Guide to Mobile Platforms

Tags : mobile development, mobile app platform
Windows 8 Development Causes a Stir with Developers
Early previews of Windows 8 have caused quite the stir in the developer community. The uproar is mainly due to the emphasis on HTML5 and JavaScript as the “primary” way for building new applications for the Windows 8 platform. In this article we discuss Windows 8 and tell you what you can look forward to as a developer.
Tags : HTML5, mobile development, Microsoft, Windows 8, developers
BlackBerry Development Gets More Open, Accessible and Lucrative
A series of new enhancements to the BlackBerry platform enable developers to build better mobile apps more quickly, and to earn more money from them.
Tags : mobile development, mobile advertising, Blackberry
The Google Maps API's Top 10 Under-the-Radar Enhancements
Enhance your Google Maps API-driven applications using these 10 little-known yet powerful tips.
Tags : local search, localization, JavaScript, Google Maps, mobile development

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