October 22, 2016
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Ten Development Manager Interview Questions You Should Know
If you are interviewing for a development manager position, then you should be able to answer these ten questions that might get asked.
Tags : metrics, alignment, defects, project managers, agile development, Interview questions, development languages, development teams, prioritize
Writing Solid Code
Memory mapped files use the system's memory manager and let you treat large files as if they were in-memory objects, supporting extremely large file access, faster access, and multiple, simultaneous processes accessing the same file.
Tags : Unit Testing, metrics, Architect, code review, Solid Concepts, refactoring, solid code, Liskov, code structure, pair programming, 4Cs
I’d Rather Be Coding: Gathering Metrics
The fact that so few development teams want to gather metrics on what they are doing has always baffled me. The simple answer is that they’d “rather be coding.”
Tags : development, metrics, Lean, agile development

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