October 26, 2016
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Developer Accuses Adam Tablet Maker of Violating Open Source License
The Apache 2 license requires credit be given for copyrighted, patented, trademarked and attributed work.
Tags : open source, licensing
JCP Passes Java Specs Despite Apache's Objections to Oracle Licensing
The Java Community Process approves Java 7 and Java 8 with the Oracle licensing that had Apache crying foul. Now what?
Tags : Apache Software Foundation, licensing, Java 7
Oracle Charging More for MySQL
By deciding to raise their support rates on MySQL, Oracle is perhaps opening the door for smaller support firms to service small and medium-sized businesses who rely on MySQL and commercial support.
Tags : MySQL, Oracle, support, licensing
Oracle Lawsuit on Top of Java Complexity Scaring Developers Away?
With Java complexity already a barrier, the Oracle lawsuit against Google is further incentive for developers to stay away or switch.
Tags : Java, Oracle, Google, licensing

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