October 26, 2016
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Top 10 Reasons to Get Started with React.JS
Study some reasons why you should choose the React.JS framework for your next project.
Tags : JavaScript, jQuery, MVC, Web, HTML, Flux, DOM, React.JS, JSX, XHR, Redux
What Is PrimeFaces?
If you haven't started using PrimeFaces in your JSF production code, you need to look at this.
Tags : HTML5, JavaServer Faces, jQuery, Ajax, JSF, component, callback, PrimeFaces, GIS RIA, overlay, OmniFaces
Creating a Slide Show Using the History API and jQuery
Learn how to programmatically change the URL shown in a browser's address bar using History API.
Tags : jQuery, Ajax, slide show
Dealing with JSON Dates in ASP.NET MVC
Learn how dates are serialized in the JSON format by ASP.NET MVC action methods and how to deal with them in your client side jQuery code.
Tags : ASP.NET, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, MVC, DATE
16 Noteworthy JavaScript Libraries
JQuery, YUI, Mashi, MooTools and more.
Tags : HTML5, Web development, JavaScript, jQuery, Libraries
AppMobi Releases Open Source Mobile JQuery Framework
Unlike its competitors, jQ.Mobi is HTML5-ready.
Tags : jQuery, mobile development, HTML 5
Validation using jQuery in ASP.NET Applications
jQuery is the concise JavaScript library that makes your client-side code interactive with less pieces of code stitched together. In this tutorial we're going to show you how to use validation with jQuery in ASP.NET applications.
Tags : ASP.NET, jQuery, validation, tutorial
HTTP streaming Coming to Ruby on Rails
Ruby on Rails Version 3.1 also expected to include jQuery in its default JavaScript library.
Tags : Ruby on Rails, jQuery
jQuery 1.5 Is Available Now
The biggest change in this release is a complete rewrite of the Ajax module.
Tags : jQuery
jQuery 1.5 Coming Soon
jQuery 1.5 will include a complete rewrite of the Ajax module, deferreds and subclassing.
Tags : jQuery
jQuery Mobile for Device-agnostic Mobile Web Applications
Even in alpha, jQuery Mobile promises to help developers build mobile Web applications that can work seamlessly on the wide array of available devices.
Tags : jQuery, mobile app, JQuery Mobile
jQuery 1.4.4 Is Out Now
This version of jQuery adds the .fadeToggle() method and fixes a bunch of bugs.
Tags : jQuery
Nine New-ish jQuery Features Worth Trying
These nine recent jQuery features cover everything from mobile development to testing to HTML 5.
Tags : JavaScript, jQuery, HTML 5, JQuery Mobile
Build a URL Shortener with jQuery, PHP and MySQL
Building a link-shortening service is a fun and educational way to get acquainted with the intricacies of creating a functional, Ajax-enhanced website.
Tags : PHP, MySQL, jQuery
10 Ways to Find the Web Elements You're Looking For with jQuery
With jQuery's powerful selector syntax, you can find any conceivable element in a Web page.
Tags : Web development, JavaScript, jQuery, search
Top 10 JavaScript Solutions for Converting Dull Data Sets into Slick Charts
These 10 powerful JavaScript-based solutions can transform your boring data sets into colorful, interactive charts.
Tags : chart, JavaScript, jQuery, YUI, Google Charts
Video: Creating Dialogs with jQuery
Learn how to create a variety of powerful and visually appealing dialog windows using jQuery.
Tags : JavaScript, UI, web applications, jQuery
The Top 10 jQuery Plugins for the JavaScript-Weary
Use these 10 powerful jQuery plugins to enhance your web site UI with usability improvements and some eye candy!
Tags : CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, user-generated content, user interface
Video: Plotting Map Markers Dynamically Using the Google Maps API, jQuery, PHP, and MySQL
Learn how to add Google Maps markers and store their coordinates in a database using a blend of jQuery, PHP and MySQL.
Tags : PHP, MySQL, video, jQuery, Google Maps

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