October 23, 2016
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An Introduction to MailThief in Laravel
Use this clever program to make testing your email much easier.
Tags : PHP, TDD, Test Driven Development, Laravel, MailThief, PHPUnit
Testing Controllers in Laravel with the Service Container
Learn how the Laravel controller and Service Container work together and how to leverage the container for testing purposes.
Tags : PHP, Dependency injection, Laravel, Vagrant, repository, Service Container, Vagrant VM, Mockery
PHP for Startups: New Lease on Life?
Here are several reasons to select PHP, a long-time language leader in the burgeoning market.
Tags : PHP, Ruby on Rails, startups, Django, Vagrant, modulable, cost effective
(Updated) Top 10 Free PHP Shopping Carts: Pros and Cons
Many PHP-based shopping carts are available, with their strengths and weaknesses. Read about 10 of the best free carts and pick one to fit your needs.
Tags : PHP, shopping carts, e-commerce, e-commerce software, e-commerce platform, shopping cart, shopping cart software, E-Commerce WordPress Plugin
Top Open Source Content Management Systems
Compare some of the popular open source CMS systems, namely DNN and Umbraco for .NET, and WordPress and Drupal for PHP.
Tags : CSS, .NET, PHP, JavaScript, CMS, content management system, Drupal, Wordpress, MVC, HTML 5, APIs, DNN, Umbraco
Test Better, Deploy Faster with Laravel
Learn about more advanced features Laravel has to offer, such as application testing and deployment.
Tags : PHP, framework, Open Source App, Laravel
Develop Faster with the Laravel PHP Framework
Laravel is an increasingly popular PHP framework that can help you develop better, more sustainable code for a shorter amount of time. Read on to see what features it has to offer.
Tags : PHP, Object relational mapping, database, SQL
Migrating PHP Applications to Run on Windows Azure
Learn the basics of migrating PHP applications to Microsoft’s cloud platform, Windows Azure.
Tags : PHP, Cloud, Azure, Windows Azure
The State of PHP in 2014
PHP has come a long way from humble beginnings: it started out being a collection of tools and has risen to being a fully (almost) object oriented language. It has become the leading language on the web... Read on to learn more.
Tags : PHP, Web, object oriented code
Implementing User Authentication in CodeIgniter
Voja Janjic shows you how to use CodeIgniter to set up user authentication for your website.
Tags : PHP, authentication, application
Creating a Mobile-Friendly Website in PHP
Learn how to create a mobile-friendly website, their advantages and how to apply them.
Tags : CSS, PHP, desktop, Mobile site development
PHP Cloud Development on Red Hat's OpenShift PaaS
Learn how to build, test, deploy and run your PHP applications on the OpenShift cloud platform.
Tags : PHP, cloud development
Lithium PHP Framework Now Fueled by Engine Yard
The PHP 5.3-based Lithium Framework lands financial and promotional backing from Rails platform provider Engine Yard.
Tags : PHP, Engine Yard, frameworks
My Automated PHP Scripts for Creating FTP Connections to a Remote Server
An explanation of my automated PHP scripts for creating a FTP connection to a remote server and streaming data back for processing.
Tags : PHP, MySQL
5 Cool PHP Image Manipulation Tricks
Learn five cool PHP image manipulation tricks using the popular ImageMagick utility.
Tags : PHP, PHP tips
CodeIgniter: Create Your Own PHP Registration System
Step-by-step instructions for creating a registration and login process with the CodeIgniter PHP Web application framework.
Tags : PHP, frameworks
Creating a Custom ACL in PHP
Utilizing an access control list in your PHP application can greatly increase security. Here's how it's done.
Tags : PHP, security
Using PHP and Java in the Same App with PHP/Java Bridge
Learn how to use PHP and Java in the same application, where Java behaves as a pure business logic component and PHP behaves as an interrogator component.
Tags : Java, PHP
HipHopVM Speeds PHP Development
Facebook claims the new tool improves performance by 60 percent.
Tags : PHP, Facebook, development, VM
Creating Neural Networks in PHP
Artificial intelligence is not just for C/C++ rockstars.  With PHP, you can implement neural networks in your Web applications.
Tags : PHP, artificial intelligence
Zend Launches Phpcloud.com
The new PaaS offering lets developers choose their own infrastructure providers.
Tags : PHP, Zend, Cloud
Top 10 Free PHP Shopping Carts: Pros and Cons
There's no shortage of PHP shopping carts, but determining which one is right for your ecommerce project isn't easy. Here's a list of reviews for the 10 most popular.
Tags : PHP, shopping carts
Zend Server 5.5 Beta Advances PHP Automation
The dev release of Zend Server previews cloud automation capabilities for the PHP middleware server.
Tags : PHP, Zend
Tumblr Releases New Customizable Share Button for PHP Developers
Just as Facebook and Twitter have set themselves apart by allowing developers to create easy access to their sites using various linking options, so has Tumblr!
Tags : PHP, social media
Zend Advances PHP Development for the Cloud
Zend partners with RightScale in new PHP development effort for the cloud.
Tags : PHP, Zend, Cloud
DooPHP: Lightweight PHP Framework, Powerful Tool
Learn how to leverage the DooPHP PHP framework to create a simple yet dynamic, database-integrated website.
Tags : PHP, frameworks
FPDF: PDF Creation and Manipulation in PHP
FPDF provides PDF manipulation capabilities in PHP at open source prices. Find out how to use this single-class PHP enhancement.
Tags : PHP, PDF
10 Powerful PDT Tools, Tips and Tricks for PHP Developers
If you're a PHP Developer Tools (PDT) user, these 10 tips will make you a much more efficient PHP developer on Eclipse.
Tags : PHP, Eclipse
Managing Persistent Data with Doctrine 2 PHP ORM
The PHP object-relational mapper Doctrine 2 offers expansive capabilities for effectively managing data and relations.
Tags : PHP, Object relational mapping
Video: Testing Your Web Forms with Zend_Test and PHPUnit
Learn two easy ways to begin testing your Zend Framework forms using PHPUnit and the Zend_Test component.
Tags : PHP, Zend, testing
Video: An Exploration of PHP's Object-Oriented Features
This video introduction to PHP's object-oriented features explores creating class hierarchies through inheritance, class abstraction, and managing arrays of objects.
Tags : PHP, object oriented programming
Video: Getting Started with Object-Oriented PHP
This screencast introduces you to PHP's object-oriented syntax, showing you how to create and populate a class and how to work with object data.
Tags : PHP, object oriented programming
PHP Fog Lands $1.8 Million in New Funding
Platform as a service provider, PHP Fog, wants to do for PHP what Heroku does for Ruby.
Tags : PHP, Cloud
9 More Experimental PHP Projects to Check Out
These nine cutting-edge PHP development projects bring the PHP language to everything from Android to Apple's Cocoa to Ruby.
Tags : PHP
PHP Command Line Scripting: Run Scripts from the Shell
Run PHP and Zend Framework scripts from the command line whenever you need to run scripts from the shell.
Tags : PHP, Zend, command line
Doing Behavior Driven Development in PHP with Behat
Behat enables PHP developers to take advantage of behavior driven development (BDD) using the familiar PHP environment and syntax.
Tags : PHP, BDD
Top 10 Associative Array Tips for PHP
Here are 10 tips and tricks for effectively manipulating arrays within PHP applications.
Tags : PHP, array
PHP Caching Made Easy with Zend Framework Component
The Zend Framework's Zend_Cache component is an easy way to implement PHP caching, a sure site performance booster.
Tags : PHP, Zend, caching
10 PEAR Packages for Every PHP Developer's Toolbox
The PHP Extension and Application Repository, or PEAR, is a treasure trove of high-quality PHP libraries. These 10 are particularly powerful.
Tags : PHP, Libraries, PEAR
Top 10 PHP Productivity Tools for Testing and Debugging
Check out these 10 wide-ranging testing and debugging utilities that can make any PHP developer more productive.
Tags : PHP, testing, debugging
MVC Basics for the PHP Developer
Here's everything a PHP developer needs to know about MVC -- the Model-View-Controller pattern -- in the simplest possible way.
Tags : PHP, MVC, Model View Controller
The Fantastic Four of PHP Debugging Techniques
These four powerful PHP debugging solutions are guaranteed to have an immediate impact on any PHP developer's productivity.
Tags : PHP, debugging
Zend Studio and Framework Updates Bring PHP to the Cloud
Zend Studio 8 and Framework 1.11 debut at ZendCon, as Zend aims to bring PHP development to the cloud and to mobile developers.
Tags : PHP, Zend, Cloud, virtual PC
Video: Developing Custom Zend Framework View Helpers
Learn how to configure, create and execute a Zend Framework custom view helper within a Zend Framework application.
Tags : PHP, Zend, Views
Zend Takes PHP Development to the Cloud
New efforts from the commercial PHP vendor will help developers to better build PHP apps for the cloud.
Tags : PHP, Zend, Cloud
Vim for PHP Development: How to Get Started
Learns the Vim command sequences that can make writing and managing PHP scripts amazingly fast.
Tags : PHP, IDE
Build Your First PHP for Android Application
Getting started with PHP for Android and the Scripting Layer for Android is easy with this step-by-step guide, complete with a demo application.
Tags : PHP, Android
Ten Tips for Getting the Most from the Zend Framework
The Zend Framework can ease your PHP development, but mastering its nuances can take a while. These 10 productivity tips will save you some time.
Tags : PHP, Zend
Quercus: Bring Java's Power to Your PHP Development (and Vice Versa)
With Quercus, PHP and Java developers can mix and match the respective capabilities of both languages.
Tags : Java, PHP
Top 10 PHP Tools for Boosting Productivity
These 10 productivity-boosting PHP development tools will free you from menial, repetitive tasks, making you more efficient.
Tags : PHP, productivity
Using the SimplePie PHP Library to Build a Custom RSS Aggregator
The powerful SimplePie PHP library makes building a rudimentary custom RSS aggregator easy.
Tags : PHP, RSS
10 Experimental PHP Projects Pushing the Envelope
These 10 PHP development projects prove that experimentation in the PHP community is as strong as ever.
Tags : PHP
Build a URL Shortener with jQuery, PHP and MySQL
Building a link-shortening service is a fun and educational way to get acquainted with the intricacies of creating a functional, Ajax-enhanced website.
Tags : PHP, MySQL, jQuery
10 Number-based Examples for Deciphering PHP Regular Expressions
PHP regular expression syntax can be almost indecipherable. Using these 10 examples, you can construct even complex PHP regular expressions with ease.
Tags : PHP
Create Tag Clouds with the Zend Framework's Zend_Tag_Cloud Component
Tag clouds empower website users to help organize the site's content. Luckily for PHP developers, the Zend Framework has a component for those.
Tags : PHP, Zend, tagging
Add Refactoring to Your PHP Development with MySQL Stored Procedures and Views
Integrating MySQL stored procedures and views into your PHP development can go a long way towards separating web site logic from the domain model.
Tags : PHP, MySQL
PHP Development Tools Improve in Eclipse Helios Update
Latest PDT release will drive improved PHP development experience for developers.
Tags : PHP, Eclipse
Zend Scales PHP Server with Cluster Edition
New cluster tool from Zend Framework maker aims to provide more scale for PHP deployments.
Tags : PHP, Zend, cluster, server software
NetBeans IDE 6.9 Release Adds JavaFX Composer and PHP Tools
Oracle adds JavaFX composer and PHP tools to the new NetBeans IDE release, expanding the types of apps developers can build.
Tags : PHP, JavaFX, NetBeans
Doctrine: Object Relational Mapping for Your PHP Development
Use Doctrine, the open source object-relational mapper, to map database tables to PHP objects.
Tags : PHP, data access, Object relational mapping
PHP Remains Strong Despite Security Flaws
Over 60 bugs were reported in PHP in May, should PHP users and developers be worried?
Tags : PHP, security best practices, security vulnerabilities
10 Easy String Manipulation Solutions for Your PHP Development
Choosing the best string manipulation function for your PHP development task can be a chore. Here are the ideal solutions to 10 common string-related tasks.
Tags : PHP
Managing Zend Framework Layouts
The Zend Framework offers a lot of layout flexibility. Learn some fundamentals of managing layouts within your Zend Framework-driven applications.
Tags : PHP, framework, Zend, website
Creating Complex, Secure Web Forms with PHP and HTML_QuickForm2
Add the HTML_QuickForm2 PEAR package to your PHP development for streamlined HTML forms creation and validation.
Tags : PHP, PHP 5, forms
Add NoSQL Data Storage to Your PHP Development with Redis
Redis provides a powerful and speedy alternative to relational database servers for PHP developers.
Tags : NoSQL, PHP, databases, Redis
Top 10 Lightweight Frameworks for PHP Development
The major frameworks can be overkill for many PHP development projects. These 10 lightweight solutions have minimal resource and time requirements.
Tags : PHP, framework
ExpressionEngine Enhances PHP Content Management with Framework Flexibility
The stability of PHP content management with the flexibility of a web framework, that's what the ExpressionEngine PHP CMS has to offer.
Tags : PHP, CMS, content management system
Five Fabulous PHP Frameworks
Turbocharge your PHP development with these five fantastic frameworks: CakePHP, CodeIgniter, DooPHP, Symfony, and Zend.
Tags : PHP, framework, Zend, Symfony, CakePHP
The Top Five PHP Content Management Systems
Interested in what PHP has to offer for content management systems? This article introduces you to five powerful CMS solutions and provides real-world examples for each.
Tags : PHP, content management system, Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla
Video: Plotting Map Markers Dynamically Using the Google Maps API, jQuery, PHP, and MySQL
Learn how to add Google Maps markers and store their coordinates in a database using a blend of jQuery, PHP and MySQL.
Tags : PHP, MySQL, video, jQuery, Google Maps
Create a Unit Conversion Application with the Zend_Measure Component
Learn how to create a simple conversion calculator using the Zend Framework's Zend_Measure component. Converting between the world's measurement units will never be easier.
Tags : open source, PHP, framework, Zend, conversion
Video: Passing Data Between PHP and JavaScript Using JSON
Build powerful AJAX-driven Web applications by passing data between the client and server using PHP, JavaScript and the JSON data format.
Tags : PHP, JavaScript, web application, Ajax, JSON
Facebook's HipHop Goes Public With a New PHP Runtime
Over 90 percent of Facebook servers are now using HipHop as the project opens to the community, promising better performance and scalability.
Tags : open source, PHP, Zend, Facebook
Create Your Own Store Locator with Google Maps, PHP, and MySQL
Provide your visitors with a Google Maps API-based service that allows them to view map locations in and around their zip codes.
Tags : PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Google Maps, Store Locator
Mitigate the Security Risks of PHP System Command Execution
Learn how the security-conscious ways to integrate your PHP-driven web sites with the underlying operating system.
Tags : PHP, security, validation, operating system, input
Date Manipulation with PHP
Let PHP's powerful array of date-related features ease the often ugly task of date formatting and manipulation.
Tags : PHP, PHP 5, Dates
Compose a MVC Paradigm for PHP with Symfony
Learn how the Symfony framework can enable you to simulate the MVC paradigm for PHP.
Tags : open source, PHP, Symfony, MVC
Create Custom Web-based Graphs with the Google Chart API and PHP
Presenting data visually can quickly reveal crucial trends. Learn how to use the Google Chart API in conjunction with PHP to create a variety of useful charts.
Tags : PHP, chart, Google, API
Practical PHP: Sending E-mail
PHP's native capabilities for sending e-mail make e-mail distribution from your web site a breeze. Learn how to use one of PHP's most practical features.
Tags : PHP, email, Web site
Build a PHP Link Scraper with cURL
Use cURL and PHP to build a robot that scrapes links from web pages and dumps them in a database. Just use it responsibly.
Tags : PHP, MySQL, search, how to, cURL
PHP 5.3.1 Released, Security Beefed Up
By focusing on stability and security, the PHP team has introduced more than 100 bug fixes and tweaks to the overall framework in version 5.3.1.
Tags : PHP, PHP 5, security, denial of service, Namespaces
Creating Draggable Markers with the Google Maps API
Using the combined power of the Google Maps API, jQuery, and PHP, you can manipulate marker positions and save the updated coordinates to your local database with ease!
Tags : PHP, Google Maps, Ajax, Google, services
PHP Module Programming with OXID eShop CE
Learn the fundamental principles of PHP module development with a working example of using a custom module to tweak the OXID eShop e-commerce product.
Tags : open source, PHP, ecommerce, shopping carts, modules
Create a CAPTCHA Script with PHP
Create your own simple CAPTCHA with PHP to protect your site from spammers and bots.
Tags : open source, PHP, Web site, spam, CAPTCHA
Build an MVC Framework with PHP
By combining the power of PHP with a nice templating system such as Smarty and a powerful database such as PostgreSQL, you can cleanly isolate the viewer of your application from the data model and controller.
Tags : PHP, framework, MVC, PostgreSQL, Smarty
Developing SOAP and RPC Web Services with PHP 5
Explore various toolkits that are available and examine the best ways to create web services in your PHP applications.
Tags : PHP, PHP 5, Web services, programming, SOAP

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