October 24, 2016
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Top Things Intel Has for Developers (Not Just Hardware)
When it comes to Intel, most developers think about hardware; however, Intel does a lot targeted solely in the area of software development. Here are several core things. How many were you aware of?
Tags : developers, Intel, RealSense
What's New in Windows 10 for Developers
Microsoft's new flagship operating system is just around the corner. This article walks developers through what's in it for them in Windows 10.
Tags : developers, HTML, tablet PC, Xbox, MICROSOFT DEVELOPER, Cortana, Windows 10 Technical Preview, Windows Store Application, hololens, Surface Hub, Raspberry Pi 2, One Windows
Twitter Imposes More Restrictions on Developers
Developers are unhappy about the new rules.
Tags : developers, rules, restrictions, Twitter API
For Developers, Facebook is a Double-Edged Sword
The constant changes to the platform can result in major problems for developers.
Tags : Facebook, social networking, developers, apps, platform
Microsoft Releases Windows 8 Code to Manufacturers
Developers can begin downloading the OS August 15.
Tags : Microsoft, developers, Windows 8, TechNet, MSDN, Release to Manufacturing, Metro
Developer Releases of Android and iOS Attract Equal Attention
An analyst firm believes Android developer interest could eventually surpass iOS interest.
Tags : mobile development, Android, developers, downloads, IOS
Poland Needs Programmers
The country is producing tens of thousands of computer science graduates, but not enough to fill the available jobs.
Tags : Java, programmers, developers, jobs, computer science education
RIM Denies that Developers Are Leaving
A RIM exec says BlackBerry continues to add more developers and more apps.
Tags : mobile development, developers, apps, RIM, PlayBook, BlackBerry 10
Survey: 31% of BlackBerry Devs Shifting Work to Other Platforms
Interest in developing for BlackBerry is at an all-time low.
Tags : mobile development, developers, RIM, BlackBerry OS
Development Salaries Flat or Rising Slightly
Most developers say they are satisfied with their jobs and their pay.
Tags : developers, software developer, salaries, software engineering
What Was New for Developers at the Google I/O Keynote
Google unveiled the next version of Android, updates to Google Play, a new tablet and Nexus Q for TV.
Tags : Google, Android, developers, tablet, I/O, Jelly Bean, Nexus 7, Nexus Q
The Best Places for Developers to Work Now
Insurance software vendor Guidewire tops this list.
Tags : software, developers, IT career
Software Developers Are Getting Younger
A survey reveals that the median age of coders in North American has fallen significantly in the last few years.
Tags : software, developers, Evans Data, survey results
Is Software Engineering a 'Career Dead-End'?
Programmers say it's tough to find work after age 35.
Tags : programmers, developers, career, software engineering
HTML5 and Video Players: A Comparative Analysis
A comparative analysis of - HTML5 native player, VideoJS and Flash on performance, features, advantages and disadvantages for the developer.
Tags : developers, Adobe Flash, HTML5 video, comparative analysis, video players
Managing Quirky Developers
"Weird" developers may be a stereotype, but they're also a reality -- and a challenge -- for managers.
Tags : management, developers
Learn about Code Contracts in .NET Framework 4.0
In this article we will show you how to utilize Code Contracts in the .NET framework 4.0 using the Design By Contract principle. These contracts play an important role for developers who are creating reusable libraries.
Tags : Microsoft, developers, tutorial, Code Contracts, .NET framework 4.0
Windows 8 Development Causes a Stir with Developers
Early previews of Windows 8 have caused quite the stir in the developer community. The uproar is mainly due to the emphasis on HTML5 and JavaScript as the “primary” way for building new applications for the Windows 8 platform. In this article we discuss Windows 8 and tell you what you can look forward to as a developer.
Tags : HTML5, mobile development, Microsoft, developers, Windows 8
Understanding the Hardware Capabilities of WP7 Devices
Developers targeting the newly revamped Windows Phone platform will benefit from knowing the minimum hardware capabilities specified. Having knowledge of these capabilities will allow application developers to better target their applications to take advantage of these capabilities. In this article, we will walk through the various hardware specifications outlined for the Windows Phone devices.
Tags : developers, Windows Phone 7, WP7 Devices, hardware capabilities
Survey Shows Asian Developers Embracing Free Developer Programs
Asian developers are opting into free developer programs at a rate of over two-and-a-half times that of paid programs, according to a recent survey.
Tags : programmers, developers, Asia, free resources
News Brief: PHP 5.2.12 Update Stamps Out Bugs, Patches Holes
Older version of PHP gets fixed for five security flaws and 61 other bugs.
Tags : PHP 5, security, developers

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