October 27, 2016
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10 Strengths That Make Developers and Engineers Great CEOs
Follow these ideas and become the next killer CEO.
Tags : open source, developer, CEO, engineers, experimenters
Five Factors that Make Good Developers Great
The public perception of development has dramatically changed, with programmers seen as experts in demand on a global scale. Conquer the skills to be great.
Tags : developer, learning, focus, Talent, practices, curiosity
Freedom Through Apps: Targeting and Marketing Your Apps
Learn a new term for your App development skill set: "target marketing."
Tags : developer, marketing, application, appeals, app store, Advertising and Marketing, Target, advertisements, word of mouth
Freedom Through Apps: Retiring a Rich Developer
Discover how you can leverage your independence to create an app, and a company that will be your ticket to retiring rich.
Tags : developer, marketing, application, sales, developer community, marketing and sales, lone wolf
A Developer's Path to Freedom Through Apps
Developing your own apps can lead to professional and personal freedom. Is it the right path for you?
Tags : developer, applications, LinkedIn, consultant, LinkedIn Profile, independent contractors, independent developers
How to Hire a Java Developer
Here is the vital guide on how to hire the best Java developer.
Tags : Java, developer, resume, hiring professionals, hiring decisions, hiring practices, garbage collection, hiring plans
Developers: Tips for Creating Your First Product
As a developer, learn what you need to know to create your own first product.
Tags : developer, blog, entrepreneurial thinking, product development, Audience, market analysis
Six Things Every Developer Should Know to Stay Current
Sometimes, trying to figure out what you need to do to stay relevant is difficult. This article will help you stay current.
Tags : CSS, developer, JavaScript, HTML, Internet, client, technology, library, language, internet of things
Lessons Learned: A Craftsman's Approach to Software Development
Software architect Bob Reselman shares unexpected lessons he's learned during the last three years he's dedicated to mastering the craft of lutherie: The rules for making a great musical instrument are amazingly similar to the rules for making great software.
Tags : developer, IT, coding, Software Development Life Cycle, Alpha Software
The API Field of Dreams: Build It [Correctly] and They Will Come
You want to build an API that will make people come BACK to it again and again. Collect all the necessary pieces to do that here.
Tags : developer, API, URL, intuitive, compliant, HTTP requests
The Developer Cloud: 5 Tips for a Secure Environment
Many developers remain wary about putting their hard work into the cloud. Here are five of their top concerns — and solutions.
Tags : developer, Cloud
Beginner's Guide to Visual Studio Online
Visual Studio Online marks the shift to building applications in an online environment. Read on for an overview of the development tool that has joined the cloud bandwagon.
Tags : developer, Microsoft, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Online
Beginner’s Guide to Using AppStudio for Building Windows 8 Applications
Vipul Patel shows you how easy it is (even for non-developers) to create Windows 8.1 applications using AppStudio.
Tags : developer, Windows 8, Windows 8 Apps
Database, Application, and Version Control and Everything In Between
Developers, team leaders, or R&D managers have a lot to gain by making their DBAs more productive.
Tags : developer, DBA
15 New Features of Windows Phone 8 of Interest to Developers
Windows Phone 8 has a lot of great features. Get insights into the new features in the Windows 8 platform that you, as a developer, can target in your applications.
Tags : developer, mobile, Windows Phone 8
Don't Get Left Behind: Concepts Every Developer Should Know
It continues to get easier to build fancier and more robust applications. Unfortunately, it seems that the expectations from end-users are increasing too. There is more for developers to know. Topics that were just conceptual pipe dreams a few years ago are now making their way into every day applications. Here are a number of concepts that developers need to know about today, or they risk falling behind.
Tags : developer
So You Say You're Lean? Then Why do You Have Waste?
Lean software development is helping to improve efficiencies and profits. Start identifying waste by learning and applying the Seven Deadly Wastes of Software Development to your specific project and find out how Lean software development principles can improve production and lead to higher customer satisfaction.
Tags : developer, software, development, software development, agile
Leap Racks Up 26,000 Developer Inquiries
Despite overwhelming demand, Leap Motion is still taking requests from developers who want to try out its motion control technology.
Tags : developer, motion control, Leap
A Review of 3 Bug Capture Tools: Bonfire, qTrace, Snagit
There are several tools on the market that will capture detailed bug descriptions for QA departments and software developers. Kaushal Amin compares three of the best to see how they measure up.
Tags : developer, software, tools, bug fix
Dell's 'Sputnik' Developer Laptop Is a Go for Launch
The company will ship a Ubuntu-based XPS 13 designed for developers this fall.
Tags : developer, Cloud, Ubuntu, Dell, laptop
The Day the QA Died
Where is QA now? What will happen to QA departments? In the new, Agile development world where working software is key, QA is becoming too expensive and slowing down the time-to-market.
Tags : developer, Unit Testing, software, Agile programming, Agile unit testing
Office 2013 to Include an App Store
Microsoft hopes Apps for Office will "reinvigorate Office as a platform."
Tags : developer, Microsoft, Office, app store, Apps for Office
Microsoft Changes Terms for MSDN and TechNet
The company hopes to deter software pirates by tightening up its developer programs.
Tags : developer, Microsoft, software piracy, TechNet, licenses, MSDN
Considerations for Building Windows 8 Metro Applications
Are you ready to build or port your apps over to the new Windows 8 Metro UI? Chris Bennet walks you through a high-level overview of the Metro UI design, features, development and deployment of apps.
Tags : developer, Windows 8, Windows 8 Metro, Metro apps
Developer Bootcamp Teaches Ruby to Beginners in 10 Weeks
Instructor Shereef Bishay has a good track record of finding jobs for attendees, but it is worth the $12,000 price tag?
Tags : Ruby, developer, training
Dell Launches Experimental Developer Laptop
Project Sputnik runs Ubuntu and includes developer-friendly utilities.
Tags : open source, developer, Ubuntu, Dell, laptop
Windows Phone Developer Event Slated for June
Microsoft sent "save the date" notices to selected developers.
Tags : developer, mobile development, Microsoft, Windows Phone
Five Development Skills That Could See Salary Increases This Year
Staffing firm Bluewolf says that 2012 looks very good for developers with the right skills.
Tags : developer, salaries
Apple Begins Rolling Out Developer ID Program
The new app certification program promises greater security, but it also makes the OS X and iOS ecosystems more closed.
Tags : developer, Apple, Mac, OS X, IOS
JetBrains Updates WebStorm, IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm
The company delivered new releases for three of its development tools this month.
Tags : developer, JavaScript, IDE, JetBrains
12-Year-Old Developer's TED Talk Goes Viral
Thomas Suarez talks about creating the Bustin Jieber app.
Tags : developer
Three Steps to Zen for the Overworked Developer
Any developer who survives a layoff usually faces a significant increase in workload. These three immediate steps can improve a developer's work situation after others are let go.
Tags : developer, workplace
Will Oracle Help Java Regain Its Status?
Oracle promises Java SE 7 release this year with increased developer productivity, modularization, and support for more than 200 languages.
Tags : Java, Oracle, developer, Mehling
News Brief: JavaFX Set to Get RAD
New JavaFX RAD Tool for NetBeans coming next week, in preview at least.
Tags : Oracle, developer, JavaFX, NetBeans, Sun Microsystems
Simple Parallel Development with the Asynchronous Agents Library
By adopting a messaging based approach to task parallelism, the Asynchronous Agents Library provides a simple model for concurrent programming that avoids the complexity of memory locks.
Tags : developer, Windows, security, Microsoft, programming
Hardware's Dirty Little Secret, or Why Software Can be Mass Produced
OP-ED: Unlike the Illuminati, the IEEE exists, and they have a secret. This secret helps them turn out shiny MP3 players, phones, and computers with processing power than we programmers can figure out how to use. This is how they do it. When will developers learn the same truths?
Tags : developer, programming, software, IEEE

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