October 25, 2016
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Ten Things Every Data Developer Should Know About BI and Analytics
Here are ten things to know as you work with Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analytics.
Tags : business intelligence, business analytics, big data analytics
Comparison Study of MongoDB, DocumentDB, & HD Insights
Study a comparison of three popular database options.
Tags : Hadoop, NoSQL, database, JSON, Azure, business intelligence, BI, Azure Cloud, Mongo DB, DocumentDB, BSON, HDInsights, GUID
Manage a Hadoop Distribution File System
Explore various methods to manage HDFS, which include Node Addition/Deletion, Data Integrity issues, and many more.
Tags : Hadoop, business intelligence, Hadoop Distributed File System, hadoop clusters, Hadoop ecosystem
How Hadoop is Different from Conventional BI
Lead: Learn how the new "Hadoop" framework is becoming the future BI platform to handle the huge size of data with faster processing time.
Tags : Hadoop, business intelligence, Data Analytics
Data Presentation in Business Intelligence
Discover the concept of data presentation in the business intelligence world. Also, learn about various ways to present data.
Tags : database, business intelligence, OLAP
Understanding BI Components and Data
Learn more about various Business Intelligence components, architecture, data modeling, and its importance.
Tags : business intelligence, BI strategy
Business Intelligence – An Overview
Anoop Agarwal discusses the fundamentals of Business Intelligence (BI) and various data Warehouse design approaches. In this first article of the series, he shares how Big Data is different from traditional BI.
Tags : business intelligence, BI, data warehouse, big data
Big Data: As a Developer, Should You Care?
Big Data is happening and it is impacting a lot of companies. We did a survey to determine the impact, benefits, and concerns. Learn more now!
Tags : business intelligence, big data
Understanding Big Data: The Hadoop Environment with BI Integration
Big data platforms and ecosystems emerged from the need to efficiently handle data volumes, velocities, and varieties that had not previously existed.
Tags : Hadoop, business intelligence, BI, big data
Understanding Big Data Processing and Analytics
Learn about Big Data processing techniques addressing, but not limited to, various BI (business intelligence) requirements such as reporting, batch analytics, online analytical processing (OLAP), data mining, text mining, complex event processing (CEP), and predictive analytics.
Tags : Java, reporting, business intelligence, analytics, big data
Open Source Jaspersoft Brings Business Intelligence to Everyone
Jaspersoft says this is the first complete BI suite designed for Web applications.
Tags : business intelligence, Jaspersoft

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