October 25, 2016
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Mozilla Introduces Thimble HTML Tool
Part of the Webmaker project, Thimble offers intuitive, visual editing of Web pages.
Tags : Web development, HTML, browser, Mozilla, Thimble
Firefox 4 to Implement IndexedDB Standard
IndexedDB allows Web applications to store large amounts of data on the client's computer for fast offline retrieval.
Tags : browser, Firefox 4
Mozilla Predicts an End to the 'Browser'
Mozilla chairperson Mitchell Baker said that the notion of a Web "browser" will be radically changing in the near future.
Tags : browser, Mozilla
Google Chrome 8: Stable, Now Available
More than 800 bugs have been squashed in the latest Google Chrome 8 release. Google paid out $4,000 in security bug bounties.
Tags : browser, Google Chrome
Google Chrome OS Really is Open Source
Google can open source Chrome, because doing so can't hurt them, and may even help them, but open sourcing Android and Google TV is a bit different for the search engine giant.
Tags : Google, browser, Chrome

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