October 25, 2016
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Desired Properties of a Big Data System
The properties you should strive for in Big Data systems are as much about complexity as they are about scalability. Learn about each property one by one.
Tags : latency, fault tolerance, big data, scalability, Robust, Extensiblity, debuggability
Big Data Tool: Map-Reduce
Peruse the fundamental ways to use some of the important Big Data tools that belong to different developer communities.
Tags : Java, Hadoop, SQL, big data, mapreduce, pig, hive
Business Intelligence – An Overview
Anoop Agarwal discusses the fundamentals of Business Intelligence (BI) and various data Warehouse design approaches. In this first article of the series, he shares how Big Data is different from traditional BI.
Tags : business intelligence, BI, data warehouse, big data
Big Data: Practical Tips for ETL Testing
Big Data represents all kinds of opportunities for all kinds of businesses, but collecting it, cleaning it up, and storing it can be a logistical nightmare.
Tags : big data
Big Data: As a Developer, Should You Care?
Big Data is happening and it is impacting a lot of companies. We did a survey to determine the impact, benefits, and concerns. Learn more now!
Tags : business intelligence, big data
To Create Fool-Proof Analytic Apps, Make It Easy for Your Developers
How do you deploy big data applications organization-wide to leapfrog competition, win the hearts of customers, and drive revenue by drawing well-informed, real-time conclusions?
Tags : applications, application development, big data, big data analytics
Six Features Key to Choosing a Data Validation Provider
Learn six of the most important features that a data validation service provider should offer.
Tags : database, data integrity, data quality, big data, data validation
Understanding Big Data: The Hadoop Environment with BI Integration
Big data platforms and ecosystems emerged from the need to efficiently handle data volumes, velocities, and varieties that had not previously existed.
Tags : Hadoop, business intelligence, BI, big data
10 Facts about Hadoop
In today’s technology world, Big Data is a hot IT buzzword. To mitigate the complexity in processing large volumes of data, Apache developed Hadoop – a reliable, scalable and distributed computing framework. Read on to learn more.
Tags : Hadoop, IT, big data
Understanding Big Data Persistence
Learn about new data persistence technologies including NOSQL and NewSQL databases as well as about CAP theorem, useful data access patterns, and good practices applicable to enterprise application programming with Big Data.
Tags : NoSQL, database, Persistence, Enterprise, big data, newsql
Understanding Big Data Processing and Analytics
Learn about Big Data processing techniques addressing, but not limited to, various BI (business intelligence) requirements such as reporting, batch analytics, online analytical processing (OLAP), data mining, text mining, complex event processing (CEP), and predictive analytics.
Tags : Java, reporting, business intelligence, analytics, big data
Understand The High-Availability and Scalability Challenges with Big Data
Today, developers interested in Big Data can easily be lost in the jungle of numerous new technologies. Get a clear view on the Big Data technology landscape and learn to pick the most suited techniques for your Java software projects.
Tags : Java, big data, high-availability, scalability
Big Data: The Proof of Concept Project
Complete a big data proof of concept project in 60 days, leading to a full implementation afterward.
Tags : Cloud, Enterprise, big data
NoSQL for the MSSQL Soul
The buzz around NoSQL solutions has reached stratospheric heights. This buzz has led many Microsoft SQL Server development shops to start looking at how and where a NoSQL solution can fit into their business.
Tags : NoSQL, relational database, big data, MS SQL
Harvesting the Big Data Tsunami: The Path Beyond Hadoop for Big Data Analytics
Mike Lamble examines the current big data landscape and focuses on the analytics needed to make these exabytes actionable. Today’s DBMS for big data analytics must meet specific requirements that are outlined in this article.
Tags : Hadoop, NoSQL, analytics, big data, big data analytics
Hadoop Alternative Goes Open Source
LexisNexis has released its big data processing tool, HPCC Systems.
Tags : Hadoop, big data

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