April 18, 2014
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Developer Best Practices for Windows Phone Apps
In this article, Vipul Patel walks you through a few best practices for developing Windows Phone applications.
Tags : Windows Phone, application, Memory, best practices, images
10 Ways to Improve SQL Query Performance
Learn how to improve your SQL query performance with these ten tips, including re-writing of queries and the creation and use of indexes.
Tags : database, SQL, performance, best practices, query
Best Practices: ETL Development for Data Warehouse Projects
Ten Tips that lead to a functional environment for data integration.
Tags : best practices, data warehouse, ETL
California Plans to Publish Mobile Privacy Guidelines
The state doesn't have the power to enforce regulations, but it wants to suggest best practices.
Tags : mobile development, privacy, best practices
The Dirty Dozen of Application Development Mistakes
Programmers make mistakes, but too often the bugs are the result of not avoiding common pitfalls.
Tags : programming, best practices
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