October 23, 2014
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Using LinkedIn JavaScript API for User Authentication and Profile Retrieval
Learn how to ingrate LinkedIn authentication with your own website using the LinkedIn JavaScript API.
Tags : JavaScript, authentication, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Profile
Working with Facebook SDK for JavaScript
Bipin Joshi shows you how to implement Facebook authentication, how to retrieve a user's details, and how to post on the user's wall.
Tags : Facebook, JavaScript, authentication, Facebook API, Facebook apps
Implementing User Authentication in CodeIgniter
Voja Janjic shows you how to use CodeIgniter to set up user authentication for your website.
Tags : PHP, authentication, application
Nina Promises Voice Authentication for iOS Apps

Tags : mobile development, authentication, apps, voice, IOS
Lead Developer Leaves OAuth 2.0 Project
Eran Hammer calls the specification "a bad protocol."
Tags : Web development, authentication, OAuth
WordPress as CMS: Implement Custom Authentication
Need to customize your WordPress site's authentication but can't find a plugin? Learn how to implement custom authentication in WordPress.
Tags : authentication, Wordpress
Implement User Authentication in Ruby with Sinatra
Adding user authentication to your Ruby apps is simple with the Sinatra framework.
Tags : Ruby, authentication
Implementing OAuth Authorization on Social Networks
Walk through all the necessary steps for implementing the OAuth token-based authorization system--a perfect security solution for the social networking age--on both the consumer and provider sides.
Tags : open source, authentication, social networks, OAuth
Planning WebLogic Portal Security
The WebLogic Portal provides a highly flexible and customizable security framework. Knowing your options will help you plan the security implementation that is usable, reliable and maintainable.
Tags : authentication
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