October 25, 2016
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Design Tips for Building Android Mobile and Tablet Apps
Chunyen Liu shares 10 design tips for you to use in developing Android apps.
Tags : Android, apps, tablet, app development, Google Play
Six Tips for More Responsive Cordova Apps
Learn how you can speed up your Apache Cordova based HTML apps with these six quick tips!Learn how you can speed up your Apache Cordova based HTML apps with these six quick tips!
Tags : HTML5, web applications, apps, application, apache cordova
Chrome Packaged Apps : What are They and How can I Get on the Train?
Chromebooks are popping up everywhere! Learn how to create Chrome Packaged Apps that can be installed on the Chromium operating system and in Chrome desktop browsers.
Tags : Google, apps, Chrome, Chromebooks
Context - The Secret Ingredient of Killer Mobile Apps
Learn how to create killer mobile apps by leaving traditional integration strategies behind, and relying on Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers to deliver the apps users love.
Tags : mobile, apps, platform as a service, PaaS, contextual applications
Feds Shut Down Android App Pirates
For the first time ever, the FBI has seized three domains because of alleged mobile app copyright infringement.
Tags : mobile development, Android, apps, piracy, FBI, Justice Department
For Developers, Facebook is a Double-Edged Sword
The constant changes to the platform can result in major problems for developers.
Tags : Facebook, social networking, developers, apps, platform
Nina Promises Voice Authentication for iOS Apps

Tags : mobile development, authentication, apps, voice, IOS
The 10 Most Popular Words in iOS App Titles
"Free" is pretty common, but it's not the most popular.
Tags : mobile development, Apple, apps, app store, IOS
App Store Tops 650,000 Apps
Developers have earned $5.5 billion from the store.
Tags : mobile development, iPad, Apple, apps, app store, IOS, Google Play
Survey: iOS Has the Lead in Mobile Enterprise Application Development
Developers are "cautiously optimistic" about Windows 8.
Tags : cloud computing, mobile development, Android, apps, Windows 8, survey, IDC, IOS, enterprise development, Appcelerator
Apple Patches Bug That Allowed In-App Purchase Hack
The company promises to fix the problem permanently in iOS 6.
Tags : mobile development, Apple, apps, in-app billing, IOS 6
iOS Apps Command Higher Ad Rates Than Android Apps
Apple's platform continues to be very lucrative for developers.
Tags : mobile development, Google, Android, Apple, apps, IOS
New List Ranks iOS Apps by Ratings, Not Downloads
Appsfire says Instagram and WhatsApp Messenger are the best iOS apps.
Tags : mobile development, apps, downloads, IOS
RIM Denies that Developers Are Leaving
A RIM exec says BlackBerry continues to add more developers and more apps.
Tags : mobile development, developers, apps, RIM, PlayBook, BlackBerry 10
New Tools Ease Facebook Integration for iOS Apps
Facebook has launched a developer center and updated its iOS SDK.
Tags : Facebook, mobile development, apps, IOS, app development
Five Tips for Getting Apple to Feature Your App
An insider offers advice for getting attention from Apple.
Tags : mobile development, Apple, apps, app store, IOS
Which International App Markets Are Hot Right Now?
You might want to consider building apps for Brazil, Mexico, Russia and Turkey.
Tags : mobile development, apps, international
List Apps in iOS - Learn How to Use UITableView
Laurence Moroney shares a step-by-step of how to quickly create a simple list view in iOS using the UITableView control.
Tags : mobile, iPhone, iPad, apps, iPod, IOS, Xcode
Multi-Platform Mobile Developers Prefer iOS
Survey finds that developers believe they will make more with Apple's platform than with Android.
Tags : mobile development, Android, apps, survey, IOS
Building Metro Apps for ARM Will Be Just Like Building for x86
Microsoft says developers should find it easy to port Windows 8 Metro apps to Windows RT.
Tags : Microsoft, apps, Windows 8, ARM, application development, Metro
Facebook Opens App Center with 600 Apps
Users will see different apps depending on which apps their friends use.
Tags : Facebook, mobile development, apps, app store, App Center
Developers Still Building Twice as Many iOS Apps as Android Apps
Concerns about fragmentation and low money-making potential keep many developers away from Android.
Tags : mobile development, Google, Android, fragmentation, Apple, apps, IOS
Urban Airship: Push Notifications Double User Retention
The company also offers best practices for app developers using push notifications.
Tags : mobile development, apps, Urban Airship, push notifications
Testing Reveals Mobile Devices Aren't Ready for HTML5
Smartphones and tablets will run HTML5 apps, but those apps run s-l-o-w-l-y.
Tags : mobile development, smartphones, apps, tablets, HTML 5
Why Don't Android Apps Look As Good as iOS Apps?
Fragmentation and poor documentation are part of the problem for Android.
Tags : mobile development, Android, apps, IOS
App Downloads Dropped 30% in March
Developers are spending about the same amount of money to acquire new users.
Tags : mobile development, apps, downloads
More Malicious Apps Found in Google Play
Despite a more proactive approach to identifying and removing malware, Google's app store continues to host bad apps.
Tags : apps, malware, Google Play
RIM Shuts Down Android App Sideloading on the PlayBook
The move should help combat app piracy.
Tags : Android, apps, RIM Playbook, Google Play
Microsoft Still Paying Developers to Make Apps
The company has paid over $100,000 to have apps created for the Windows Phone platform.
Tags : mobile development, Microsoft, apps, Windows Phone
Adobe Plans to Charge Royalties on High-Earning Flash Apps
Developers who make more than $50K will owe the company a 9 percent fee.
Tags : Flash, mobile development, apps, Adobe
People Use iPhone Apps in the Day; iPad Apps at Night
Daytime use sessions are shorter, while nighttime use sessions are longer.
Tags : mobile development, iPhone, iPad, apps
iOS Apps Crash More Often Android Apps, Study Says
A new study flies in the face of the conventional wisdom about the stability of mobile development platforms.
Tags : mobile development, Android, apps, IOS
Facebook Open Graph Apps Go Live This Week
Third-party apps will track Facebook users' actions and report them back to the social network.
Tags : Facebook, apps, Open Graph API
More than 50,000 Apps for Windows Phone
Microsoft's mobile app store has passed a milestone.
Tags : apps, Windows Phone

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