October 21, 2016
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Working with Android View Animation in Apps
Walk through the basics of using view animations in Android applications.
Tags : XML, Android, applications, animation, android studio, view animation, property animation, tween animation, frame animation
Docker: Build Use-case-appropriate Containers
Docker hits a sweet spot with the default container construction. It provides reasonable defaults without hindering productivity of users.
Tags : applications, malware, web browser, container, docker
A Developer's Path to Freedom Through Apps
Developing your own apps can lead to professional and personal freedom. Is it the right path for you?
Tags : developer, applications, LinkedIn, consultant, LinkedIn Profile, independent contractors, independent developers
Creating an iOS Solution with Xamarin
In this installment of our series on developing cross platform mobile solutions with Xamarin, you’ll learn how to create an iOS implementation.
Tags : Android, C#, applications, IOS, Xamarin, cross-platform
Introduction to Cross-Platform iOS/Android Apps with C# and Xamarin
Part one of a two-part article that walks you through the complete process of using Xamarin to create a simple cross-platform app with .NET and C# that runs on both Android and iOS.
Tags : Android, C#, applications, IOS, Xamarin, cross-platform
To Create Fool-Proof Analytic Apps, Make It Easy for Your Developers
How do you deploy big data applications organization-wide to leapfrog competition, win the hearts of customers, and drive revenue by drawing well-informed, real-time conclusions?
Tags : applications, application development, big data, big data analytics
IBM's Corelet Language: Programming Like the Human Brain
IBM is in the process of building out a computer language that enables programmers to build applications that work like the human brain.
Tags : IBM, applications, cognitive system, Corelet
Working with Bluetooth APIs in Windows Phone 8
With the release of Windows Phone 8, Microsoft introduced support for using Bluetooth APIs in Windows Phone 8 applications. This article walks Windows Phone developers through the fundamentals of working with Bluetooth APIs in applications targeting Windows Phone 8 platform.
Tags : API, applications, Bluetooth, Windows Phone 8
Adding Speech Support to Your Windows Phone 8 Application
Windows Phone 8 platform lets users interact with Windows Phone 8 applications through speech. This article walks the reader through the steps of integrating speech support in their Windows Phone 8 applications.
Tags : applications, speech, Windows Phone 8
Using the New Map Control in Windows Phone 8 Applications
Vipul Patel walks application developers through the process of building Windows Phone 8 applications with the new map control.
Tags : applications, Windows Phone 8
Introduction to Windows Azure Mobile Services
Microsoft has made it easier for mobile applications to connect to the Windows Azure based backend. This article provides an introduction to Windows Azure Mobile Services – the latest offering from Microsoft.
Tags : Microsoft, mobile, applications, Windows Azure
Running Java Applications on Windows Azure
Windows Azure supports running applications in a variety of frameworks.  Vipul Patel shows you how to run Java applications on Windows Azure.
Tags : Java, Microsoft, applications, Windows Azure
Code Coverage for .NET applications: An Insight
In this article I will provide you with some insights about running code coverage on .net framework applications. I will be creating the code coverage report by running code coverage on a sample piece of code using Visual Studio 2010 tools
Tags : applications, .NET Framework, tutorial, code coverage

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