October 21, 2016
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Creating Basic Notifications for an Android App
Follow along to create an Android notification that your users will appreciate.
Tags : Android, smartphone, application, notifications, Android Virtual Device, NotificationCompat
Understanding Android Versioning
Learn how Android versioning works so that you can write applications that can benefit from versioning.
Tags : API, Android, application, version management, android studio, versioning, Android OS
Freedom Through Apps: Targeting and Marketing Your Apps
Learn a new term for your App development skill set: "target marketing."
Tags : developer, marketing, application, appeals, app store, Advertising and Marketing, Target, advertisements, word of mouth
Freedom Through Apps: Knowing How to Iterate Apps
Learn how to create the compelling apps that users will buy.
Tags : application, APPLICATION DEPLOYMENT, Application-Centric Infrastructure, Application Insights, iterate
Freedom Through Apps: Sexy Tech Startup
If having a startup company is your dream, you can find helpful suggestions on starting yours here.
Tags : application, startup, investors
Freedom Through Apps: Retiring a Rich Developer
Discover how you can leverage your independence to create an app, and a company that will be your ticket to retiring rich.
Tags : developer, marketing, application, sales, developer community, marketing and sales, lone wolf
The App Developer Checklist: Seven Ways to Design Your App for Virality
If you follow this checklist, you'll ensure that the tools for viral growth are seamlessly built into your product.
Tags : application, viral content, transparent, add value, word-of-mouth, sticky
Six Mistakes to Avoid when Implementing DevOps
Conquer the recurring series of mistakes that companies make in implementing DevOps.
Tags : application, DevOps, DevOps mindset, QA, development work, DevOps engineers, DevOps team, xebialabs
The Value of QA for Mobile
Mobile app developers and internal development teams alike need to completely rethink Quality Assurance (QA) to improve mobile app development.
Tags : mobile development, application, quality assurance strategies, quality assurance, QA
Writing Applications in the Cloud with Visual Studio Online
With the move to cloud-based services, even project development has gone to the "clouds".
Tags : Cloud, application, Visual Studio Online
Managing the Testing of Your App Using Visual Studio Online
Learn the basics of using Visual Studio Online to manage the testing of your applications.
Tags : Microsoft, application, application testing, Visual Studio Online
Introduction to ASP.NET MVC6
Vipul Patel provides web developers an introduction to ASP.NET MVC6 – the model-view controller offered for use in web applications.
Tags : ASP.NET, MVC, application, Model View Controller, ASP.NET vNext, MVC6
How to Migrate Java Applications to Azure Cloud
Vipul Patel explains the basics of migrating Java applications to Windows Azure.
Tags : Java, application, Windows Azure, migrate
Manipulating a Database with JDBC
Learn how to manipulate database records with the help of the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) API.
Tags : Java, database, JDBC, API, application
JDBC Application Design Consideration
JDBC acts as a translator between Java applications and the native language of a database. Learn how the JDBC driver paves the way into the application design consideration of database programming in Java.
Tags : Java, database, JDBC, SQL, application, connectivity
Getting Started with Developing Kindle Fire Applications
Vipul Patel walks you through how to get started building applications targeting Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet.
Tags : Android, application, Kindle, kindle fire
Dependency Injection Best Practices in an N-tier Modular Application
Learn to implement an Inversion of Control (IoC) / Dependency Injection (DI) pattern to create a loosely coupled system in .NET Framework, while keeping the data and business layers abstracted.
Tags : Dependency injection, .NET Framework, application
7 Things You Need To Know About Web Workers
Web Workers allow you to run JavaScript code in the background without blocking the web page user interface. Learn the seven key aspects of web workers that you need to know if you decide to use them in your applications.
Tags : JavaScript, application, Web Workers
7 Things You Should Know About the Geolocation API
Discover seven key things you should know about the Geolocation API in order to use it in your web applications.
Tags : API, application, geolocation, location
Java Automation Using Core Java
Automating Java Applications doesn't adhere to one solution fits all. Learn how to consolidate the process of coming up with an API that can be easily used to automate any Java application.
Tags : Java, API, application, automate
Using Second Level Caching in a JPA Application
Learn how to improve the performance of an application that uses the Java Persistence API, by modifying the second level cache mode settings.
Tags : Java, performance, application, JPA
Six Tips for More Responsive Cordova Apps
Learn how you can speed up your Apache Cordova based HTML apps with these six quick tips!Learn how you can speed up your Apache Cordova based HTML apps with these six quick tips!
Tags : HTML5, web applications, apps, application, apache cordova
Developer Best Practices for Windows Phone Apps
In this article, Vipul Patel walks you through a few best practices for developing Windows Phone applications.
Tags : Windows Phone, application, Memory, best practices, images
Creating RESTful Web Services with JAX-RS
Manoj Debnath shows you how to create RESTful web services, demonstrating with a sample application.
Tags : Java, REST, JAX-RS, application, web service, RESTful
Using Ajax with JSF in an Enterprise Application
Learn how to use Ajax with Java Server Faces (JSF) to incorporate dynamic functionality into a web page.
Tags : Ajax, JSF, application, Enterprise
Enabling In-App Purchases in Your Windows Phone 8 Application
Vipul Patel shows you how to build in-app purchasing capability in your Windows Phone applications, allowing you to sell virtual products.
Tags : application, Windows Phone 8, In-app Purchasing
Understanding Search Extensibility for Windows Phone 8
Vipul Patel walks you through the basics of extending the search experience in Windows Phone.
Tags : search, application, Windows Phone 8
Creating an Auto-launch Windows Phone 8 Application using File and URI Associations
Vipul Patel Walks you through the basics of how to create an auto-launch Windows Phone 8 application.
Tags : application, Windows Phone 8
Implementing User Authentication in CodeIgniter
Voja Janjic shows you how to use CodeIgniter to set up user authentication for your website.
Tags : PHP, authentication, application
Microsoft TypeScript - A Perfect Adoption for ASP.NET
Microsoft TypeScript is an open source JavaScript library developed by Microsoft. Discover the power of using Microsoft TypeScript in ASP.NET application development.
Tags : ASP.NET, JavaScript, Microsoft, application, Visual Studio 2012, TypeScript
Reading from an SD Card in Windows Phone 8 Applications
Microsoft introduced support for accessing SD card contents in the Windows Phone 8 release. This article walks Windows Phone developers through the fundamentals of building a Windows Phone 8 application that can use the storage APIs to read from SD card. 
Tags : API, application, SD Card, Storage, Windows Phone 8
Building a Windows Phone 8.0 Lens Application
Microsoft has introduced the capability of allowing application developers to build their own camera applications, called Lens, in Windows Phone 8.0. This articles walks a Windows Phone application developer through the process of building a camera application that integrates directly with the built-in camera application.
Tags : application, camera, lens, Windows Phone 8
Understanding and Using the Wallet in Your Windows Phone 8 Application
Wallet, Windows Phone 8's new functionality lets you manage payment instruments, store coupons, credit and loyalty cards in a central place, and lets you link these items to Windows Phone 8 applications. Vipul Patel shows you how.
Tags : mobile, application, Windows Phone 8
A Guide to Better User Interaction Using Windows Phone 8 Tiles
Live tiles make interaction more personal by providing notifications on the Start screen itself. Join Vipul Patel in a walk-through of the basics of Windows Phone 8 Tiles.
Tags : application, Windows Phone 8
How to Create a Windows Store Leaderboard Application Powered by Windows Azure Mobile Services
Vipul Patel walks you through building a working Windows 8 application that is powered by the recently announced Windows Azure Mobile Services. This application demonstrates the ease of building a working application for mobile devices in a very short time, using the tools offered by Microsoft.
Tags : Microsoft, mobile, application, Windows Azure
How to Develop Scalable Apps Running on Windows Azure
Vipul Patel shares the steps a Windows Azure developer can take to increase the scalability of a Windows Azure based cloud application.
Tags : Cloud, application, Windows Azure, Windows Azure Application Development
Leveraging Public Cloud for Software Development
Leveraging public cloud resources is an excellent way to expedite the software development process. However care has to be taken to ensure that security is properly addressed.
Tags : Cloud, application, software development
How to Secure your SQL Azure Application
Developers targeting the SQL Azure platform should make sure their applications are secure. This article walks through the considerations developers need to keep in mind when designing SQL Azure applications.
Tags : Cloud, application, SQL Azure

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