October 21, 2016
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Five Years Down the Road: The Future of App Dev
Your software development team can drive business and shift from functioning as a mere internal service to becoming creators of innovative solutions.
Tags : application development, life cycle, lifecycle management, app development, app developers, agile development, Microservices, microservices architecture
To Create Fool-Proof Analytic Apps, Make It Easy for Your Developers
How do you deploy big data applications organization-wide to leapfrog competition, win the hearts of customers, and drive revenue by drawing well-informed, real-time conclusions?
Tags : applications, application development, big data, big data analytics
Nokia Sells Qt to Digia
Digia plans to continue development on the open source application development toolset.
Tags : mobile, Nokia, desktop, application development, Qt, Digia
Developer Downloads of Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 Available August 15
Microsoft will give devs access to its new programming tools the same day it makes Windows 8 available.
Tags : .NET, Microsoft, Visual Studio, Windows 8, application development, Metro
Building Metro Apps for ARM Will Be Just Like Building for x86
Microsoft says developers should find it easy to port Windows 8 Metro apps to Windows RT.
Tags : Microsoft, apps, Windows 8, ARM, application development, Metro
Ladies Learning Code Helps Women Become Programmers
The non-profit is also launching a for-profit company that will teach development skills.
Tags : Web development, programmers, application development, training
Visual Studio Express to Support Metro Development Only
Coders won't be able to use the free version of Microsoft's flagship development tool to create traditional desktop apps for Windows 8.
Tags : Windows 8, desktop, application development, Metro, Visual Studio 11
7 Persistent Myths About Application Development
Throwing more programmers at a problem doesn't get the job done faster.
Tags : programmers, offshoring, application development
Intel: Devs Should Create More Touchscreen Apps
Better applications could spur more sales of ultrabooks with touchscreens.
Tags : Intel, touchscreen, application development
RIM Developers Stick with the Struggling Platform
Despite all the bad news for RIM, many developers are still creating BlackBerry apps.
Tags : RIM, application development
Mike Lee Tells Developers to Assume Customers Are Lazy, Stupid, Impatient And Selfish
The well-known application developer offers tips on marketing, testing and platform selection.
Tags : testing, application development, end users
Behind the Scenes with Olympic Application Development
The athletes aren't the only ones preparing for the 2012 Summer Games. So are the application developers who are perfecting the Commentator Information System (CIS).
Tags : application development

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