April 23, 2014
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Microsoft Might Accept 'Metro' Apps After All
The company has removed a notice about rejecting apps with the word "Metro" in the title.
Tags : Windows, Microsoft, Windows 8, app store, Metro apps
App Store Includes 400,000 'Zombie' Apps, Says Report
Most iOS apps don't get any downloads and are nearly impossible to find.
Tags : mobile development, Apple, app store, IOS
Apple Continues to Fight for the App Store Name
The company is demanding more evidence in its trademark battle with Amazon.
Tags : Amazon, Android, Apple, lawsuit, app store, trademark, appstore
The 10 Most Popular Words in iOS App Titles
"Free" is pretty common, but it's not the most popular.
Tags : mobile development, Apple, apps, app store, IOS
App Store Tops 650,000 Apps
Developers have earned $5.5 billion from the store.
Tags : mobile development, iPad, Apple, apps, app store, IOS, Google Play
Microsoft Unveils Windows Store Pricing Details
The new app store will support trial periods, in-app billing and third-party payment systems.
Tags : Microsoft, development, Windows 8, app store
Office 2013 to Include an App Store
Microsoft hopes Apps for Office will "reinvigorate Office as a platform."
Tags : developer, Microsoft, Office, app store, Apps for Office
Five Tips for Getting Apple to Feature Your App
An insider offers advice for getting attention from Apple.
Tags : mobile development, Apple, apps, app store, IOS
Facebook Opens App Center with 600 Apps
Users will see different apps depending on which apps their friends use.
Tags : Facebook, mobile development, apps, app store, App Center
Microsoft to Shutter Windows Mobile App Store
Developers will need to convert their apps for the Windows Phone platform by May 9.
Tags : Microsoft, app store, Windows Mobile
Mozilla to Launch Its Own App Store and a Mobile OS
The Mozilla Marketplace will offer cross-platform apps based on HTML5 and Mozilla's open APIs.
Tags : app store, Mozilla
Adobe App Stores to Close
Adobe says it will refocus its efforts on helping developers publish their apps for multiple platforms.
Tags : app store, Adobe
iPhone App Downloads Soar in Asia
China is now the second-largest market for iPhone apps after the U.S.
Tags : iPhone, app store
Mozilla Debuts 'Open' App Store
Mozilla's Web application store is still in its infancy, but the organization is hoping it can carve out a spot for itself in the app store arena.
Tags : app store, Mozilla
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