October 27, 2016
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Five Years Down the Road: The Future of App Dev
Your software development team can drive business and shift from functioning as a mere internal service to becoming creators of innovative solutions.
Tags : application development, life cycle, lifecycle management, app development, app developers, agile development, Microservices, microservices architecture
Creating a Business Plan? Four Things Your App Development Firm Should Include
Make sure your business plan includes these suggestions, and is up to date.
Tags : SBA, app development, business plan, revenue model, business planning, target market
Design Tips for Building Android Mobile and Tablet Apps
Chunyen Liu shares 10 design tips for you to use in developing Android apps.
Tags : Android, apps, tablet, app development, Google Play
Changing Your Android App's Theme Dynamically
Find out how to build a customizable Android app, where the user can change the app's theme dynamically at runtime.
Tags : open source, UI, Google, Android, smartphone, themes, app development
Microsoft Drops "Metro" Name
The company no longer wants developers to create "Metro" apps; instead, they should create "Windows 8 Style" apps.
Tags : Microsoft, app development, Windows 8 Metro
"Middle Class" App Developers Are Earning More
Apps that aren't on top 100 charts are accounting for a higher percentage of revenue.
Tags : mobile development, Android, revenue, IOS, app development
New Tools Ease Facebook Integration for iOS Apps
Facebook has launched a developer center and updated its iOS SDK.
Tags : Facebook, mobile development, apps, IOS, app development
Google Adds Feedback Features for Developers
The company is also offering developers the chance to interact with Google engineers live.
Tags : Google, Chrome App Store, app development, Google Play
Canonical Launches App Development Contest
Participants must use Canonical's Quickly development tool to create apps for Ubuntu.
Tags : Linux, Ubuntu, Canonical, app development
What's New in iOS 6
Developers can now download a beta version of Apple's next mobile operating system.
Tags : operating system, mobile, iPhone, Apple, app development, IOS 6
Report: Top Apps Publish on Multiple Platforms
About a third of iOS apps are also available for Android.
Tags : mobile development, Android, IOS, app development
Survey: More Than Half of iOS Devs Not Breaking Even
Most developers surveyed say their app work can't support a standalone business.
Tags : mobile development, IOS, app development
AT&T to Release Watson APIs in June
The new tools will allow developers to add AT&T's voice recognition technology to their apps.
Tags : API, AT&T, voice recognition, app development, Watson
Amazon Tells Developers to Obfuscate Their Code
Protecting your app can be trickier when in-app purchases are involved.
Tags : obfuscation, app development, Amazon Appstore, in-app billing
iOS Developers Find Ways Around Apple's Testing Limits
Some devs are opening multiple accounts or working with testing firms.
Tags : testing, Apple, IOS, app development
How To Configure Settings for a Windows Azure Application
Developers targeting applications for the Azure platform should be aware of the various configuration settings which can be made for a cloud-based application. This article walks the reader through the various settings one can utilize in a Windows Azure application.
Tags : tutorial, app development, Microsoft Windows Azure, Windows Azure Applications, Azure Configuration

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