October 27, 2016
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Freedom Through Apps: Targeting and Marketing Your Apps
Learn a new term for your App development skill set: "target marketing."
Tags : developer, marketing, application, appeals, app store, Advertising and Marketing, Target, advertisements, word of mouth
Thirteen Things to Check before Submitting to the Windows Phone App Store
Before submitting a Windows Phone App to the Windows Phone App Store, there are a few quick things you should check.
Tags : Microsoft, Windows Phone, app store, Windows Mobile
Going Beyond Google Play in Distributing Your Android Apps
Naturally you want to distribute your apps to as many customers as possible to maximize your profit. Chunyen Liu looks into some of the potential app store alternatives to Google Play.
Tags : Android, app store, mobile devices, Android App development, Google Play
Microsoft Might Accept 'Metro' Apps After All
The company has removed a notice about rejecting apps with the word "Metro" in the title.
Tags : Windows, Microsoft, Windows 8, app store, Metro apps
App Store Includes 400,000 'Zombie' Apps, Says Report
Most iOS apps don't get any downloads and are nearly impossible to find.
Tags : mobile development, Apple, app store, IOS
Apple Continues to Fight for the App Store Name
The company is demanding more evidence in its trademark battle with Amazon.
Tags : Amazon, Android, Apple, lawsuit, app store, trademark, appstore
The 10 Most Popular Words in iOS App Titles
"Free" is pretty common, but it's not the most popular.
Tags : mobile development, Apple, apps, app store, IOS
App Store Tops 650,000 Apps
Developers have earned $5.5 billion from the store.
Tags : mobile development, iPad, Apple, apps, app store, IOS, Google Play
Microsoft Unveils Windows Store Pricing Details
The new app store will support trial periods, in-app billing and third-party payment systems.
Tags : Microsoft, development, Windows 8, app store
Office 2013 to Include an App Store
Microsoft hopes Apps for Office will "reinvigorate Office as a platform."
Tags : developer, Microsoft, Office, app store, Apps for Office
Five Tips for Getting Apple to Feature Your App
An insider offers advice for getting attention from Apple.
Tags : mobile development, Apple, apps, app store, IOS
Facebook Opens App Center with 600 Apps
Users will see different apps depending on which apps their friends use.
Tags : Facebook, mobile development, apps, app store, App Center
Microsoft to Shutter Windows Mobile App Store
Developers will need to convert their apps for the Windows Phone platform by May 9.
Tags : Microsoft, app store, Windows Mobile
Mozilla to Launch Its Own App Store and a Mobile OS
The Mozilla Marketplace will offer cross-platform apps based on HTML5 and Mozilla's open APIs.
Tags : app store, Mozilla
Adobe App Stores to Close
Adobe says it will refocus its efforts on helping developers publish their apps for multiple platforms.
Tags : app store, Adobe
iPhone App Downloads Soar in Asia
China is now the second-largest market for iPhone apps after the U.S.
Tags : iPhone, app store
Mozilla Debuts 'Open' App Store
Mozilla's Web application store is still in its infancy, but the organization is hoping it can carve out a spot for itself in the app store arena.
Tags : app store, Mozilla

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