October 26, 2016
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Getting Started with Java Annotations
Annotations are very useful devices. They help you interpret your code and they don't slow its processing speed.
Tags : Java, annotations, API, function, JDK5, @Override
Ten Tips to Working with Hibernate
Here are ten great tips to make working with Hibernate more productive.
Tags : Java, annotations, caching, SQL, XML, proxy, query, Hibernate, POJO, flushing
Java EE 6 Deployment Flexibility with CDI and the @Alternative Annotation
Using the CDI @Alternative annotation, you can configure your Java EE 6 application for different deployments.
Tags : annotations, Java EE 6, CDI
Use the Spring 3 Formatter SPI for Custom Formatting
The Spring 3 Formatter SPI enables you to build custom formatting capabilities and annotations.
Tags : annotations, Spring, SPI
JSF 2.0 Bean Validation and Dependency Injection
Find out how the bean validation and dependency injection support in JavaServer Faces (JSF) 2.0 simplifies Java web application development.
Tags : annotations, JavaServer Faces, JSF 2.0, Dependency injection, Bean validation
Spring Framework 3.0 and Annotation-driven Formatting
Learn how to use the new formatting annotations in Spring Framework 3.0 to improve the appearance of numeric, date and time information.
Tags : annotations, Spring
JSF 2.0: Annotations, New Navigation Eliminate XML Configuration
The introduction of annotations and the new navigation convention in JavaServer Faces 2.0 essentially make the faces-config.xml file optional.
Tags : annotations, JavaServer Faces, JSF 2.0, JSF, navigation
Java Annotations: An Introduction
Make your development easier through the use of JDK5's annotation feature. The objective is to spend less time on unhandy code-writing and focus more on business logic rules.
Tags : Java, annotations

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