October 25, 2016
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How to Apply Common Algorithms to Java Collections
Focus on some of the Collection Framework's common algorithmic application to collection elements in Java.
Tags : Java, search, algorithms, sort, collection framework, Java Collections, core API, shuffle
Data Mining Using Machine Learning
Understand how machine learning algorithms help do data analysis.
Tags : data mining, algorithms, machine learning, Logistic Regression, sigmoid curve, odds ratio, logit
Machine Learning: How It Applies to Your Daily Developer Life
Learn how machine learning plays a role in our daily life.
Tags : spam, algorithms, machine learning, machine learning methods, linear regression
Android Encryption with the Android Cryptography API
Need to program with the Android Cryptography APIs? Read this tutorial to find resources, check which algorithms your device supports, and see examples of AES and RSA algorithms.
Tags : API, Android, encrypt, encryption, RSA, cryptography, AES, algorithms

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