October 25, 2016
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The Top Ten Ways to Be a Great ScrumMaster
Do you lead an Agile team? Here are tips to be more productive.
Tags : project managers, agile, ScrumMaster
The Evolution from Agile to DevOps to Continuous Delivery
Develop a DevOps mindset because it is a key enabler for achieving scale.
Tags : agile, DevOps, continuous delivery
The Surprising Truth about Exploratory Testing
In the modern age of Agile development, with software being updated and released faster than ever, exploratory testing is nothing short of essential. But what does the term actually mean?
Tags : testing, agile, agile development
The Need for Rapid Prototyping in an Agile Age
You've got a smart idea, but you need a working prototype to really show it off and test it. In the age of Agile development the ability to produce a prototype quickly, roll it out to end users, and create a feedback loop that influences the software you produce, is vital.
Tags : Agile programming, agile, prototype
Infographic: Agile vs Fragile
There are 555,000 open positions for agile developers, but only 122,000 agile developers looking for work. How do you avoid getting a fragile developer when you want an agile one?
Tags : development, agile, methodologies
Cartoon of the Week: Going Full Agile
In this week's cartoon by David Blazek, you visit Agile Valley where they are going full agile.
Tags : agile, enterprise development, methodologies
Cartoon of the Week: Are You an Agile Developer?
This cartoon addresses the question of "are you an agile developer?"
Tags : agile
So You Say You're Lean? Then Why do You Have Waste?
Lean software development is helping to improve efficiencies and profits. Start identifying waste by learning and applying the Seven Deadly Wastes of Software Development to your specific project and find out how Lean software development principles can improve production and lead to higher customer satisfaction.
Tags : developer, software, development, software development, agile
Unit Testing - Why Should You Care?
Long a staple of the Agile community, unit testing is becoming more and more popular. While there is a lot of content on how to unit, the question of why unit test isn't always addressed. There are very real, tangible benefits from unit testing - it's more than just "writing more code".
Tags : Unit Testing, tutorial, agile, Agile unit testing
Telerik Adds Agile Project Management in Scrum
Bug tracking to be included in Web-based Silverlight application for Agile development teams project managment.
Tags : Project management, agile

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