October 20, 2014
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6 Practical Agile Techniques You Can Start Using Today
Ulf Eriksson explains a number of practical Agile techniques that can easily be applied to any development, and practical tips, which you can start using in your day to day work right away.
Tags : testing, requirements, documentation, agile development
The Surprising Truth about Exploratory Testing
In the modern age of Agile development, with software being updated and released faster than ever, exploratory testing is nothing short of essential. But what does the term actually mean?
Tags : testing, agile, agile development
I’d Rather Be Coding: Gathering Metrics
The fact that so few development teams want to gather metrics on what they are doing has always baffled me. The simple answer is that they’d “rather be coding.”
Tags : development, metrics, Lean, agile development
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