October 25, 2016
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Getting Started with Windows Azure Virtual Machines
Set up your own server with your own parameters? Yes! It's easy with Microsoft Azure.
Tags : Cloud, servers, virtual machine, Windows Azure, Blob Storage
How to Migrate Java Applications to Azure Cloud
Vipul Patel explains the basics of migrating Java applications to Windows Azure.
Tags : Java, application, Windows Azure, migrate
Migrating PHP Applications to Run on Windows Azure
Learn the basics of migrating PHP applications to Microsoft’s cloud platform, Windows Azure.
Tags : PHP, Cloud, Azure, Windows Azure
Getting Started with Windows Azure Recovery Services
Vipul Patel walks you through the basics of Windows Azure Recovery Services, Microsoft’s cloud offering to handle cloud backup and recovery scenarios.
Tags : Cloud, Microsoft, Windows Azure, backup and recovery system
Introduction to CSS3 Media Queries
CSS3 media queries allow you to apply different CSS rules to different requesting devices. Bipin Joshi examines what CSS3 media queries are and how to use them in your web pages.
Tags : Web development, Windows Azure, CSS3, Windows Azure Media Services
How to Capture Code Coverage for Windows Azure Service Using VSTS
Code coverage is a way to measure what percentage of the source code of a program has been tested. Read on to learn how code coverage can help to improve the overall quality of a program and how to leverage Microsoft VSTS to get code coverage for Windows Azure Service and .Net.
Tags : .NET, Microsoft, Windows Azure, code coverage
Microsoft, Azul Partner to Bring OpenJDK to Windows Azure
Microsoft and Azul systems announced a partnership to deliver an OpenJDK build on Windows Azure.
Tags : Java, Oracle, Microsoft, Windows Azure, GPL, OpenJDK, Microsoft Open Technologies, OSCON, Azul Systems
How to Create a Windows Store Leaderboard Application Powered by Windows Azure Mobile Services
Vipul Patel walks you through building a working Windows 8 application that is powered by the recently announced Windows Azure Mobile Services. This application demonstrates the ease of building a working application for mobile devices in a very short time, using the tools offered by Microsoft.
Tags : Microsoft, mobile, application, Windows Azure
How to Develop Scalable Apps Running on Windows Azure
Vipul Patel shares the steps a Windows Azure developer can take to increase the scalability of a Windows Azure based cloud application.
Tags : Cloud, application, Windows Azure, Windows Azure Application Development
Introduction to Windows Azure Mobile Services
Microsoft has made it easier for mobile applications to connect to the Windows Azure based backend. This article provides an introduction to Windows Azure Mobile Services – the latest offering from Microsoft.
Tags : Microsoft, mobile, applications, Windows Azure
Running Java Applications on Windows Azure
Windows Azure supports running applications in a variety of frameworks.  Vipul Patel shows you how to run Java applications on Windows Azure.
Tags : Java, Microsoft, applications, Windows Azure
How to Run Native Code in Your Azure Service
Windows Azure, by default, runs code in low trust. In this article, we explore how to enable running an Azure service with full trust.
Tags : Microsoft, Windows Azure, tutorial, Native Code, Azure Services
How to Keep Tab of your Windows Azure Hosted Services
Not only does Windows Azure provide a reliable platform to host and execute services, it even provides a set of Service management APIs to help create application which can be used to monitor these services. In this article, we will walk through the creation of a simple monitoring application which will list our Azure services running in the cloud.
Tags : Windows Azure, tutorial, Azure Hosted Services, osted Services
Exploring the Windows Azure Toolkit for Android
Microsoft is working hard to improve adoption of its cloud computing platform. To tap into non-Windows markets, it has released toolkits for both iOS and Android. In this article, we explore the offerings of the Windows Azure Toolkit for Android.
Tags : Android, Windows Azure, tutorial, Windows Azure Toolkit
Understanding Windows Azure CDN Service
Windows Azure provides ability to cache blobs in its Content Delivery Network service. In this article, we explore Windows Azure Content Delivery Network Service and see how we can use it in our applications.
Tags : Microsoft, Windows Azure, tutorial, CDN service, content delivery service
Using Windows Azure Storage Service to Upload Files
Windows Azure provides secure, scalable and easy to access services for durable storage in the cloud. In this article, we explore how we can programmatically store a file in Windows Azure storage.
Tags : Cloud Storage, Windows Azure, tutorial, Windows Azure Storage Service, upload files
Understanding the Windows Azure Blob Service
Windows Azure provides a variety of storage services. In this article, we will learn more about the Windows Azure Blob service.
Tags : Microsoft, Windows Azure, storage services, Windows Azure Blob Service
Exploring the Windows Azure Marketplace
Cloud developers are excited about the business opportunities the Microsoft Windows Azure platform presents. This article discusses the business opportunities Windows Azure offers to developers in the form of the Windows Azure Marketplace.
Tags : Windows Azure, Microsoft Azure, cloud development, Windows Azure Marketplace
How to Debug Microsoft Windows Azure Applications
It is imperative that cloud developers using Windows Azure familiarize themselves with the practice of debugging applications which are not hosted in-premise. Learn about the debugging methodologies that can be used for cloud application debugging. 
Tags : Windows Azure, tutorial, Azure Debugging, Windows Azure Application Development
Microsoft Windows Azure Development Primer: Getting the Tools Ready
Azure, the cloud computing platform from Microsoft, is garnering a lot of developer interest. To start developing Microsoft Windows Azure applications, you need to have a toolset ready. This article describes how to get the development tools you'll need to get started.
Tags : cloud computing, Windows Azure, tutorial, Microsoft Windows Azure Tools
Overview of the Roles Within an Azure Application
Before writing applications targeting the Windows Azure platform, you should understand the various roles within a hosted service.
Tags : cloud computing, Azure, Windows Azure, cloud development

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