October 23, 2016
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Building Smart Apps that Understand Language, Speech, Images, and Face Recognition
Explore the offerings of the Microsoft Oxford service, which provides REST APIs and SDK developers can use to write applications that can understand content.
Tags : SDK, Windows 8, speech recognition, facial recognition, XAML, REST API, OCR, Visual Studio 2013, Project Oxford, Face API
Beginner’s Guide to Using AppStudio for Building Windows 8 Applications
Vipul Patel shows you how easy it is (even for non-developers) to create Windows 8.1 applications using AppStudio.
Tags : developer, Windows 8, Windows 8 Apps
25 Tools You Can Use for Windows 8 Store App Development
Hannes du Preez shares his list of top 25 tools that you can use to make your Windows Store App development a lot easier.
Tags : development, Windows 8, development tools, windows store, Windows Store Apps
The Best Reasons to Target Windows 8
Like many other Android developers, you may not be sure what to make of Windows 8 and how it should fit in your plans. Learn some of the best reasons why you should seriously consider bringing your mobile development expertise to bear on the Windows 8 platform.
Tags : Android, Windows 8, Android SDK, windows store
Guide to Porting Android Applications to Windows 8
The mobile landscape is changing, and Microsoft is now gaining market share. If you've already built for Android, learn what do you really need to know to port your application to Windows Phone 8.
Tags : Android, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8
Building the Developer.Com Windows 8 App
Chris Bennett talks about building the Developer.com Windows 8 App--including sharing the code!
Tags : Windows 8, RSS, Windows 8 app
Microsoft Might Accept 'Metro' Apps After All
The company has removed a notice about rejecting apps with the word "Metro" in the title.
Tags : Windows, Microsoft, Windows 8, app store, Metro apps
Windows 8 and Related Tools Available for Developers
MSDN and TechNet subscribers can now download the new OS, as well as Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5.
Tags : Windows 8, TechNet, MSDN, Visual Studio 2012, Windows RT, .NET Framework 4.5
Build Conference Sells Out in an Hour
Microsoft is taking names for the waiting list.
Tags : Microsoft, Windows 8, developer conference, Build, Windows Phone 8
Developer Downloads of Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 Available August 15
Microsoft will give devs access to its new programming tools the same day it makes Windows 8 available.
Tags : .NET, Microsoft, Visual Studio, Windows 8, application development, Metro
Microsoft Releases Windows 8 Code to Manufacturers
Developers can begin downloading the OS August 15.
Tags : Microsoft, developers, Windows 8, TechNet, MSDN, Release to Manufacturing, Metro
Microsoft Announces Dates for Build Conference
Registration begins in two weeks.
Tags : Microsoft, development, Azure, Windows 8, conference, Build, Windows Phone 8
Survey: iOS Has the Lead in Mobile Enterprise Application Development
Developers are "cautiously optimistic" about Windows 8.
Tags : cloud computing, mobile development, Android, apps, Windows 8, survey, IDC, IOS, enterprise development, Appcelerator
Microsoft Unveils Windows Store Pricing Details
The new app store will support trial periods, in-app billing and third-party payment systems.
Tags : Microsoft, development, Windows 8, app store
Microsoft Reveals Features of Windows Phone 8
The new mobile OS will be a lot like the Windows 8 desktop OS.
Tags : mobile development, Microsoft, Windows 8, mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8
Building Metro Apps for ARM Will Be Just Like Building for x86
Microsoft says developers should find it easy to port Windows 8 Metro apps to Windows RT.
Tags : Microsoft, apps, Windows 8, ARM, application development, Metro
Visual Studio Express to Support Metro Development Only
Coders won't be able to use the free version of Microsoft's flagship development tool to create traditional desktop apps for Windows 8.
Tags : Windows 8, desktop, application development, Metro, Visual Studio 11
Windows 8 Might Support Flash After All
Leaked screenshots show Internet Explorer 10 running Flash animations.
Tags : Flash, Web development, Windows 8, Metro
Considerations for Building Windows 8 Metro Applications
Are you ready to build or port your apps over to the new Windows 8 Metro UI? Chris Bennet walks you through a high-level overview of the Metro UI design, features, development and deployment of apps.
Tags : developer, Windows 8, Windows 8 Metro, Metro apps
Microsoft Wants More Programming Languages for Windows 8
The company hopes to convince more language developers to support WinRT.
Tags : Microsoft, Windows 8, programming languages, WinRT
Devs to Receive Tablets to Test Windows 8 on ARM
Microsoft and Qualcomm are partnering on a plan to hand out Snapdragon S4 PCs.
Tags : Windows 8, ARM, tablets
Windows Store to Offer Devs a Bigger Share of Sales
The new app store will open in late February when Microsoft releases a public beta of Windows 8.
Tags : Windows 8, Windows 8 Metro
Windows 8 Won't Update Third Party Apps
  Experts say Microsoft is missing an opportunity to improve security for users.
Tags : Windows 8
A First Look at Windows 8
Developers get a sneak peak at the next version of Microsoft's flagship operating system at the BUILD conference.
Tags : Windows 8
Windows 8 to Offer Both Traditional and "Metro" Interfaces
Microsoft exec answers some questions about the new Windows 8 operating system.
Tags : Windows 8, Windows Phone 7
HTML5 Isn't Replacing the Windows Client Any Time Soon
Early previews of Windows 8 have caused quite a stir in the developer community due to the emphasis on HTML5 and JavaScript as the "primary" way for building new apps for the Windows 8 platform. At the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference there was a slightly different picture presented.
Tags : HTML5, Microsoft, Windows 8, Windows client, Windows development
Windows 8 Development Causes a Stir with Developers
Early previews of Windows 8 have caused quite the stir in the developer community. The uproar is mainly due to the emphasis on HTML5 and JavaScript as the “primary” way for building new applications for the Windows 8 platform. In this article we discuss Windows 8 and tell you what you can look forward to as a developer.
Tags : HTML5, mobile development, Microsoft, developers, Windows 8

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