October 22, 2016
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Microsoft Sort of Welcomes WebM Support for IE9
Microsoft likes H.264, but they've decided that Windows users could one day be able to watch videos using the WebM format.
Tags : WebM, IE 9
WebM Project Releases New VP8 Codec SDK
The second named release of the VP8 Codec SDK (libvpx) is now available, focused on performance and quality.
Tags : VP8, WebM
MPEG LA Seeks Patents for WebM/VP8
The move by MPEG LA is the first step in possibly creating a patent pool for WebM/VP8.
Tags : VP8, WebM
The Free Software Foundation Backs Google in Dumping H.264 Video Codec
The FSF is urging website operators to stop using H.264 and to switch to the WebM video codec.
Tags : codec, H.264, WebM
Google Explains Its Stance on Dropping H.264 from Chrome
Many people are angry with Google over the company's stance to embrace an open standard for the video tag in HTML5 rather than H.264, which requires users and publishers to pay a royalty to watch videos in their browser.
Tags : Google Chrome, H.264, WebM

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