October 23, 2016
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Top 10 Reasons to Get Started with React.JS
Study some reasons why you should choose the React.JS framework for your next project.
Tags : JavaScript, jQuery, MVC, Web, HTML, Flux, DOM, React.JS, JSX, XHR, Redux
Getting Started with WebSocket APIs in Java
Familiarize yourself with a few necessary background details before rushing into WebSocket implementation in a Web application.
Tags : Java, Ajax, API, Web, TCP/IP, IETF, HTTP, Transport Layer Security, WebSocket, POJO, RFC 6455, Java EE7, URI, ABNF
5 CSS3 Features That Simplify Your Web Page Styling
CSS3 adds many features to the CSS2 feature set, making it appealing to any web developer. Bipin Joshi discusses five features of CSS3 -- new selectors, border images, gradient, setting opacity and multicolumn layouts.
Tags : Web, CSS3, gradients, selectors
The State of PHP in 2014
PHP has come a long way from humble beginnings: it started out being a collection of tools and has risen to being a fully (almost) object oriented language. It has become the leading language on the web... Read on to learn more.
Tags : PHP, Web, object oriented code
6 Tips for Better Mobile Web Forms
Today's web is on the move. Build a better mobile experience for your forms with these 6 quick tips!
Tags : Web, web forms, WEBFORMS
Why I Love WebSockets
Methods of communicating over the Web have evolved. HTTP is synchronous--the client sends a request and waits until the server responds. WebSockets are made for asynchronous communications letting you send information quickly and easily without the HTTP overhead.
Tags : Web, WebSockets, asynchronous
Google Releases Collide Web-Based IDE
The move could mean the Brightly project is at an end.
Tags : open source, Google, Web, IDE, Collide
Report: Mobile Development Moving to the Web
A new survey shows fewer developers are building native apps as Web frameworks grow in popularity.
Tags : mobile development, Web, native
Yahoo Open Sources Mojito Mobile Development Framework
The company says, "We want the Web to win."
Tags : open source, mobile development, Web, Yahoo, Mojito framework
Intercepting Every HTTP Request with IHttpModule
You can respond to every HTTP request. Just implement event handlers or an IHttpModule (which is a cool way to write a re-deployable solution for multiple projects).
Tags : ASP.NET, Visual Basic, Microsoft, Web

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