October 24, 2016
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Using Microservices via RestExpress
Learn to develop an application based on RestExpress. You will upload Java sources to obtain the compilation results.
Tags : MongoDB, Web services, XML, Java EE, Maven, NetBeans, Microservices, RestExpress, JWT, Netty, Apache ZooKeeper
Using Angular Typeahead
Learn to populate a typeahead dynamically from a Web service; the data displayed will be in tabular format with headers. This is implemented using Angular JS.
Tags : JavaScript, Web services, API, HTML, REST API, AngularJS, typeahead
RESTful WS with Jersey, Part 1
Learn some of the key elements needed to begin using the Jersey Web service.
Tags : Java, Web services, API, JAX-RS, SOAP, JDK, SOAP API, RESTful, RESTful API, client/server, HTTP requests, Jersey
Creating SOAP Web Services with JAX-WS
Learn how to create SOAP Web Services exposing EJB in a sample application.
Tags : Java, Web services, SOAP
Demystifying Web Services Through Java EE
There are primarily two different types of web service supported in Java. Both are popular and extensively used. Read on to learn more.
Tags : Web services, REST, Java EE, SOAP
Salesforce Integration with .NET Custom Web Services
There are a number of ways to integrate Salesforce with .Net. The focus of this article will be concentrated on calling custom web services written in Apex, from a Microsoft .Net environment, through authenticated and unauthenticated methods.
Tags : .NET, Web services, Salesforce, tutorial, Salesforce integration
Spring Web Services 2.0: Best Java Stack for SOAP-based Web Services
What makes the new Spring Web Service 2.0 release the best Java stack for SOAP-based Web services?
Tags : Web services, Spring
Spring 3.0 Support for RESTful Web Services
Spring 3.0 provides Java annotations and classes for creating simple REST-based Web services.
Tags : Web services, Spring, REST
Google App Engine vs. Amazon Web Services: The Developer Challenges
Google App Engine and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are both very good platforms for writing and deploying scalable applications in the cloud, but they present different sets of challenges for developers.
Tags : cloud computing, Web services, Google App Engine, AWS, Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services: A Developer Primer
With Amazon Web Services (AWS), developers get both scalable services that they can use to architect their applications and the flexibility to run any software on Amazon's compute cloud.
Tags : cloud computing, Web services, AWS, Amazon, Amazon EC2
Using Axis2 and Java for Asynchronous Web Service Invocation on the Client Side
Apache Axis2, the open source Java web services framework, has very good support for client-side asynchronous service invocation. Find out how to make it work for you.
Tags : Java, open source, Web services, Axis, Axis2
JAX-RS: The Java API for RESTful Web Services
This article reviews two popular JAX-RS frameworks, Jersey and Apache CXF, and provides some basic examples that illustrate how to build, deploy, and execute RESTful web services.
Tags : Java, Web services, JAX-RS
Real World REST Using Jersey, AJAX and JSON
In this article Bob Reselman gives us a brief overview of REST, and explains the basic operational concepts behind Jersey.
Tags : Web services
Tuning and Testing Enterprise Web Services with SoapUI and JMeter
Need to take some of the frustration out of troubleshooting your web services? Read on to find out how.
Tags : Web services
RESTing with the Microsoft REST Starter Kit
Tap the Starter Kit for your next REST Web Service.
Tags : Web services, REST, Microsoft, Visual C#, C#
Using ASP.NET ScriptServices with Popular JavaScript Frameworks
Looking to use JavaScript to add lightweight AJAX interaction to your site? Try ASP.NET ScriptServices with jQuery or the Prototype JavaScript framework.
Tags : ASP.NET, JavaScript, Web services, JSON
Developing SOAP and RPC Web Services with PHP 5
Explore various toolkits that are available and examine the best ways to create web services in your PHP applications.
Tags : PHP, PHP 5, Web services, programming, SOAP
Amazon Web Services and the Zend Framework
Build powerful product-driven websites by using the Zend Framework to plug in to the vast Amazon.com database.
Tags : Web services
Embedding Apache Axis2 into Existing Applications
Learn how to embed Apache Axis2 into your J2EE application to take full advantage of Web services. You also can provide a Web Service API for your application by using Axis2 and using it to interact with other Web services.
Tags : Web services
Enterprise Java Contract-First vs. Contract-Last Web Services
Discover two different ways to implement SOAP web services. The methods discussed here can also use either RPC or Document style implementations, and can significantly differ in development and maintenance efforts.
Tags : Web services
Implementing Contextual Web Services
Have you ever wondered what contextual Web Services are? Learn different ways of accessing a user's context in Web Service components and implementing advanced domain services containing non-functional aspects such as personalization.
Tags : Web services
Exposing a Database as a Web Service
Gain a good understanding on how to expose databases as a Web Service using Axis2.
Tags : Web services
Simplify Your Web Services Development with JSR 181
Free yourself from the underlying implementation details of Web Services and concentrate on core business areas. With JSR 181 development will not only be simplified but also standardized!
Tags : Web services
Working with Axis2: Making a Java Class into a Service
Learn how to make a web service from a Java class, the role of allowable Java types, and how to use them when writing a POJO application.
Tags : Web services

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