October 22, 2016
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Top 7 Features of HTML5
HTML5 supports new features required by modern websites. Arun Karthic lists his top 7 favorites, and did we mention they are backwards compatible?
Tags : HTML5, Web development, Web page, WEb page development
Introduction to Bootstrap: A Tool for Building Responsive, Mobile-First Projects
Bootstrap is a handy, popular and open source framework for developing responsive websites targeting multiple devices without writing CSS yourself. Read on to learn how you can start using it in your web applications.
Tags : Web development, CSS, open source, web applications, HTML, Web page, bootstrap, WEb page development
Introduction to CSS3 Media Queries
CSS3 media queries allow you to apply different CSS rules to different requesting devices. Bipin Joshi examines what CSS3 media queries are and how to use them in your web pages.
Tags : Web development, Windows Azure, CSS3, Windows Azure Media Services
Codio: A Cloud-Based IDE for Web Development
The Codio Web-based IDE helps developers of various skill levels build Web apps using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.
Tags : HTML5, Web development, CSS, JavaScript, Cloud, IDE
Lead Developer Leaves OAuth 2.0 Project
Eran Hammer calls the specification "a bad protocol."
Tags : Web development, authentication, OAuth
Mozilla Introduces Thimble HTML Tool
Part of the Webmaker project, Thimble offers intuitive, visual editing of Web pages.
Tags : Web development, HTML, browser, Mozilla, Thimble
Ladies Learning Code Helps Women Become Programmers
The non-profit is also launching a for-profit company that will teach development skills.
Tags : Web development, programmers, application development, training
16 Noteworthy JavaScript Libraries
JQuery, YUI, Mashi, MooTools and more.
Tags : HTML5, Web development, JavaScript, jQuery, Libraries
Windows 8 Might Support Flash After All
Leaked screenshots show Internet Explorer 10 running Flash animations.
Tags : Flash, Web development, Windows 8, Metro
Mozilla Hopes to Turn Web Users into Web Developers
New Webmaker project offers tools to make development easier.
Tags : Web development, Mozilla, webmaker
Adobe Adds HTML5 and REST Support to ColdFusion
ColdFusion 10 also offers Tomcat integration and enhanced caching.
Tags : Web development, Adobe, HTML 5, ColdFusion
Using HTML5 Drag and Drop in ASP.NET
HTML5 comes with inbuilt support for drag and drop, allowing developers to use these features to drag one HTML element and drop it onto another. Learn how to use HTML5 drag and drop features in creating an ASP.NET website.
Tags : HTML5, Web development, CSS, ASP.NET, Web page
Top 7 Features of HTML5
HTML5 supports new features required by modern websites. Arun Karthic lists his top 7 favorites, and did we mention they are backwards compatible?
Tags : HTML5, Web development, Top 10, Web page
Creating a Complete Web Page With HTML5
In this article we shall make a web page using the features of HTML5 and CSS. It is assumed that reader is more or less conversant with CSS in general and HTML tags in particular. You do not have to be a professional but you should at least have an idea of what goes where.
Tags : HTML5, Web development, CSS, Web page, tutorial, creating a complete web page with HTML5
Google's New Programming Language: Dart
The soon-to-be-revealed language is designed for "structured Web programming."
Tags : Web development, web developer
Shopify for Simplified E-Commerce Web Projects
Shopify, a hosted e-commerce application, greatly simplifies creating and launching an online store that integrates into a business' existing infrastructure.
Tags : Web development, e-commerce
Visual Studio Gets Better JavaScript and HTML5 Support
Developers can now download the first Web standards update for Visual Studio.
Tags : Web development, Visual Studio
Top 10 CSS Tools for the Design-challenged Web Developer
Writing CSS code can be a bear for Web developers. These ten CSS tools and frameworks can make the development process much easier.
Tags : Web development, Web design, CSS
10 Ways to Find the Web Elements You're Looking For with jQuery
With jQuery's powerful selector syntax, you can find any conceivable element in a Web page.
Tags : Web development, JavaScript, jQuery, search
Ten Linux Commands Every Web Developer Should Know
Learn 10 indispensable Linux commands that can make web development work much easier and even more enjoyable.
Tags : Web development, Linux, command line

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