October 21, 2016
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Three Questions to Answer When Reporting an Error
Instead of being a helpful experience, most error messages produce anxiety, confusion, and annoyance. Learn to create better error messages and make your users happier.
Tags : Firefox, Visual Studio, Mozilla, errors, User Experience, HTTP, error handling, error message, Error Reporting, HTTP 500 Error
Developing Mobile Applications in .NET with Xamarin
Learn how to develop cross-platform applications with Xamarin and Visual Studio.
Tags : .NET, XML, Android, Visual Studio, Windows 7, mobile applications, Xamarin, Android SDK, Xamarin.Mobile, mobile application platforms, AXML
Using an Azure NoSQL Solution: DocumentDB
Become proficient with Azure DocumentDB, a NoSQL database solution provided by Microsoft on the cloud.
Tags : NoSQL, database, Visual Studio, Azure, MICROSOFT AZURE PLATFORM, DocumentDB
Top 10 C# 6.0 Language Features
Explore the new features coming with the release of C# 6.
Tags : C#, Visual Studio, Visual Studio 2015, C# 6
The Access Developer's Path to Learning MVC 5
A decade ago, Microsoft Access provided a convenient and easy-to-learn project platform. Now, however, another answer is Microsoft MVC 5.
Tags : ASP.NET, Visual Studio, HTML, access, MVC 5
Beginner's Guide to Visual Studio Online
Visual Studio Online marks the shift to building applications in an online environment. Read on for an overview of the development tool that has joined the cloud bandwagon.
Tags : developer, Microsoft, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Online
Developer Downloads of Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 Available August 15
Microsoft will give devs access to its new programming tools the same day it makes Windows 8 available.
Tags : .NET, Microsoft, Visual Studio, Windows 8, application development, Metro
Lightswitch Gets HTML5 Support
Microsoft is adding new features to its rapid application development tool.
Tags : Microsoft, Visual Studio, HTML 5, LightSwitch, development tools
Visual Studio 11 Beta Includes LightSwitch v.Next
Microsoft released the next version of Visual Studio LightSwitch as a part of their Visual Studio 11 Beta preview, giving LightSwitch developers access to the full range of Visual Studio tools as they evaluate this new version.
Tags : Visual Studio, LightSwitch, ODATA, Visual Studio 11
Preview Available for Visual Studio 11
Microsoft shows off the new features in the Visual Studio 11 IDE at the BUILD conference.
Tags : Visual Studio
Visual Studio Gets a Python Extension
Microsoft's IDE now has open source tools that support Python and related languages.
Tags : Python, Visual Studio
Microsoft to Launch Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 This Month
The rapid-application-development (RAD) tool offers templates to help non-programmers create business applications.
Tags : Visual Studio
Visual Studio Gets Better JavaScript and HTML5 Support
Developers can now download the first Web standards update for Visual Studio.
Tags : Web development, Visual Studio
Deploying your Azure application to the Cloud
Visual Studio Development tools for the Microsoft Windows Azure platform provide an emulator to test our cloud application. Deploying the application to the cloud takes a few more steps. In this article, we learn how to deploy our Azure application to the Cloud.
Tags : cloud computing, Visual Studio, Microsoft Azure, tutorial
Creating Windows 7 Jump Lists With The API Code Pack and Visual Studio 2008
One of the most clearly visible new features in Windows 7 is the new taskbar. Read on to learn how you can use jump lists from your C# applications with help from the Windows API Code Pack.
Tags : API, Microsoft, Visual Studio, Jump Lists

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