October 26, 2016
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Re-Engineering Legacy Software: Introduction to Vagrant
This article introduces you to Vagrant, a tool that allows you to programmatically build an isolated environment for your application and all of its dependencies.
Tags : VM, VMware, EC2, virtualbox, Ansible, Vagrant, Vagrant developer tool, legacy software, UAD
Ten Considerations for Realizing the Potential of the Cloud
Examine and implement basic architectural considerations for creating cloud-ready applications.
Tags : Cloud, server, VM, backup, IOPS, ESB, S3, OpenStack, state, Amazon AWS, docker, backup in the cloud, NoSQL technology
What Developers Need to Know about the Cloud
Explore the differences developers need to consider when creating applications that are cloud-ready.
Tags : Cloud, VM, EC2, Rackspace Cloud, Java 8, docker, ZeroTurnaround
Getting Started with Android Using Java
Now's the time to receive instruction to get a first taste of Android Programming in Java in a simple manner.
Tags : Java, Google, Android, VM, ART+COM, Swing, AWT, Dalvik VM, SWT, J2ME Canvas
Tips for Debugging Cloud Applications like a Pro
Interested in learning to debug your cloud applications easily? Walk through tips that can help you debug your cloud applications like a pro.
Tags : Azure, VM, PaaS, IaaS, emulator, Azure Cloud, cloud applications, IntelliTrace, Windows Azure Diagnostics, WAD, ETW events
HipHopVM Speeds PHP Development
Facebook claims the new tool improves performance by 60 percent.
Tags : PHP, Facebook, development, VM

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