October 24, 2016
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Building Docker Images from a Container
It is easy to get started building Docker images if you are already familiar with using containers. Study the typical workflow by using a simple example.
Tags : git, Ubuntu, container, APT, packages, union file system, UFS, Docker images
Containers 101
What are containers, why are they so special, and how are they used? With all of the buzz around containers, now is a good time to make sure you know the answers to these questions!
Tags : Linux, Windows, Ubuntu, virtual machine, kernel, virtual environment, containers, CoreOS, Red Hat Atomic Host, Snappy, Windows Server 2016, container manager
Building Docker Images From a Container
It is easy to get started building images in Docker if you are already familiar with using containers.
Tags : git, Linux, Ubuntu, container, Bash Shell, Docker Containers, union file system, UFS
Dell's 'Sputnik' Developer Laptop Is a Go for Launch
The company will ship a Ubuntu-based XPS 13 designed for developers this fall.
Tags : developer, Cloud, Ubuntu, Dell, laptop
Canonical Launches App Development Contest
Participants must use Canonical's Quickly development tool to create apps for Ubuntu.
Tags : Linux, Ubuntu, Canonical, app development
Dell Launches Experimental Developer Laptop
Project Sputnik runs Ubuntu and includes developer-friendly utilities.
Tags : open source, developer, Ubuntu, Dell, laptop
Canonical Releases Comprehensive Linux Component Catalog
The catalog includes more than 1,300 certified components from 161 manufacturers--making it the largest list of Linux-compatible components available.
Tags : Ubuntu
Ubuntu 11.10 to Ship with Qt
Nokia Qt is expected to ship with Ubuntu 11.10, and Ars Technica's Ryan Paul says this is a huge victory for developers.
Tags : Ubuntu, Qt
Here's the Plan for Ubuntu's Natty Narwhal 11.04 Release
Ubuntu developers and companies met in Orlando, Florida to discuss the Ubuntu Natty Narwhal 11.04 release.
Tags : Ubuntu
Canadian Company Offers Open Source Alternative to Schools
Userful is offering a custom installation of open source Ubuntu Linux to schools looking to save money.
Tags : Linux, Ubuntu

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